4 Cool Looks That Distress Me


Fashion baffles me.  I don’t get it at all and I never will.  People say that fashion is a form of self-expression.  If that’s true, I’ve basically been stuck in a stutter every since my parents stopped dressing me.  I wonder what my clothes say about me?  No I don’t.  I know what they say about me.  They say, “This guy buys all his clothes at Uni Qlo.”  Or they say, “This guy doesn’t wear clothes because he enjoys them.  He wears clothes because he has to.”

Not that I want to be naked or anything.  I’m just saying, if society didn’t expect me to wear a shirt and jeans, as opposed to, I don’t know, some Underoos, I’d probably be at the bar looking like Shazam.

Here in Korea, which, I’m told, is “fashion forward,” I get to see a lot of different looks.  I won’t lie, I’m often impressed
by how well the Koreans and the ex-pat teachers dress.  But once in awhile I see things and I think, “Hmm.  I couldn’t do that.”  It isn’t that these things are bad, per say, they just aren’t possibilities for me, for a variety of reasons.  So here, directly below, are four things I’ve seen recently that I don’t understand.

Exhibit A: Coat with No Sleeves

It’s cold outside.  Real cold.  You put on your coat to warm up.  But then you realize that your coat has no sleeves.  Your arms are still exposed to the bitter cold.  What kind of loopy coat is this?  Is this some sort of lame joke, like the solar powered flashlight or the book on how to read?  How can a coat have no sleeves?  That’s like buying deodorant that smells like B.O.!

Okay, in all seriousness, the sleeveless coat is kind of cool looking.  If I had muscles, maybe I would wear a vest coat.  Scratch that.  As cool as it looks, the practical aspect of the sleeveless coat is too much for me to handle.  A coat has a specific purpose, which is to keep me warm.  And since I don’t have muscles to help with that, I need sleeves.

Exhibit B: Headphones around the neck

I like the look of the sleeveless coat (which some people might call a “vest”); on the contrary, I feel wearing headphones around your neck while in a social setting makes you look like a douche bag.  I don’t know why…they’re just headphones…but damn, man, why are they around your neck?  What are you, a DJ?  Go play some techno then, and stop hitting on the cute girls in the bar.  To me, wearing headphones around the neck is as obnoxious as some dude in a band wearing his guitar around his shoulder all night.  Listen, DJ Shadow, get your giant headphones off your neck before they give you scoliosis.  Cause you’re annoying me.

Exhibit C: Glasses with no lenses (or glasses with plastic lenses)

Wearing glasses with no lenses reminds me of that episode of Seinfeld where Costanza pretended he was wheelchair bound so people would be nicer to him.  Glasses make a person look smarter, and glasses can be sexy.  But the thing is, you actually have to NEED glasses for these things to be true.  Wearing glasses frames alone doesn’t cut it.  You must deserve to wear glasses.  Personally, I think it’s pretty interesting when someone has a cast on his arm.  You don’t see me walking around with some fake cast, do you?  No, that would be ridiculous.  Only people with broken bones get to wear casts.  And only people with vision problems should get to wear glasses.  That’s the way God intended it when he made vision problems and glasses.

Exhibit D: Ear Hoodie
Now, this isn’t something a guy would wear anyhow, although it would be hilarious if I started showing up places with the “ear hoodie” on.  The “ear hoodie” is more of a kid thing – my girl students at school wear them.  It’s not just for Halloween or something; they wear them daily.  Is it adorable?  Absolutely, 100% yes.  However, like Underoos, one can reach an age where wearing the “ear hoodie” becomes creepy.  You know how you have to be 18 to smoke?  Well, there should be a law saying only people under 14 can purchase the “ear hoodie.”  They should check IDs.  “I’m sorry, miss, but I’m going to need to see some identification.  Oh, you’re 17…under law I can’t allow you to purchase this item.”  And if you’re dating a Korean girl and she wears the “ear hoodie,” you really should be ashamed of yourself.  It’s questionable to want to dress your Korean girlfriend up in a school girl uniform; the “ear hoodie” is totally over the line.  If you want your girlfriend to have teddy bear ears on her head, you’re a disgusting Westerner.  Remember, she never would’ve dated you in the first place if you didn’t have those glasses and the headphones around your neck.

Hmm, maybe this post is getting a bit mean.  It’s further proof that fashion brings out the worst in me.  If you wear any of these things, I still love you.  All I ask in return is that you love me, and my Uni Qlo sweater vests.



675 thoughts on “4 Cool Looks That Distress Me

  1. Oh my goodness, it’s like you’ve read my mind! I completely 100% agree with you, especially on the headphones and “ear” hoodies! I live in Vancouver but Korean trends still makes their way over here and it’s getting extremely popular among Asians. I sometimes think it’s really pretty but majority of the time it makes me go… WTF?!

    Korean fashion is really cute and simple but sometimes they gotta tone it down.

    • Yeah, there are tons of Koreans in Vancouver. So odd…seems like that’s a hot spot. And Seattle in the States. I think that’s great that they’re spreading the ear hoodie look! I wish I had my camera earlier today because I was in an underground market and saw, on display, and entire FAMILY set of ear hoodies! Father, mother, and child.

      This is only going to grow bigger, I fear.

      Thanks for the comment! : )

    • I don’t think any of this is unique to Koreans but I’m
      not familiar with the depth of it there.

      As a person who’s ability to read road sines is impaired by
      a slight astigmatism I really need to exercise my right to
      wear glasses more frequently – this article made me feel
      like a priveleged elite. 😉

      Headphones around the neck sends another message too,
      large sets are often specially made to block all noise. So
      what your telling the lady folk is – “just keep talking, I’ll
      put these on when your innane female chatter becomes
      too much for my far supierior brain.”

      “Ear hoodies” manifest as animal head wool caps in the
      states. I saw a grown man wearing one at a renisaunce
      fair – (where geeks dress up as Knights and maidens etc,
      to renact the middel ages.) What bothered me was that
      he also wore an authentic looking suit of armor – or perhaps
      he was only returning from a quest – having the slain the
      mighty sock monkey.

      This is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time.
      I will be back.

    • You are so hilariously right. The vest does have a (limited) practical element, but the headphones are stupid, the glasses are just sad, and the ear hoodie is creepy. I obviously have nothing to add to your argument, but I just had to comment because you’re awesome.

    • boooooooo!!! Dont try to dissect what people wear just let them do it. Punkers were misunderstood in the 70’s and they revolutionized a style of music that is rock scripture today. Who is anybody to judge another persons wardrobe without knowing what went behind making that sweater, that look, that upside down middle finger patch on the crotch. Its easy to dissect, its not easy to create.

      • You booed me! That’s cool. I have to say though, I totally disagree with your premise. I think punk rockers in the 70s were completely understood. They dressed to combat and, in a sense, ridicule the accepted norms of how people are supposed to look; punk openly embraces the concept of being against the system, and I think people got that pretty clearly. You seem to imply that punks WANT to be accepted and understood…doesn’t that go against the entire point of being a punk? I mean, aren’t punks SUPPOSED to draw the ire of school teachers and authority figures? Doesn’t acceptance sort of diffuse the rationale behind someone wearing an upside down middle finger on their crotch in the first place?

        Just saying man! Although I hate to represent the mainstream in this scenario…I do agree of course that it’s easier to “dissect” than create, but that goes for anything. Dang, can’t a guy bitch about an ear hoodie anymore without people getting all offended?

        Thanks for the comment! Peace!

  2. I fantasise about walking up to people wearing those ear hoodies and saying to them: “WHY???” (with a pained look on my face) and then, before they can reply, I can see myself smacking them on the back of said hoodie and walking away..

    I know.

    I’m not a very nice person .. I’m at peace with this, tho.

  3. I am glad I have Only seen babies wear those ear hoodies and no grown ups or teenagers. I am only imagining what a horribly obnoxious sight would that be when you see big boys and girls walking around shamelessly with a pair of bunny ears over there head. *Shudders*

    • You know, I agree with both of us. Unless you’re Pete Rock, you shouldn’t be wearing headphones in social situations. Not even if you’re listening to Pete Rock.

      Thanks for the comments, Shoeless!

      • Anonymous

        I agree with Tortilla, Exactly, I used to walk to my course whilst listening to music on large Panasonic headphones, they do stick out quite a bit, so where else do ya stick em if ya want to take em off whilst out, say doin the groceries after course? you let em hang round ya neck. simple!

    • tortillaflate7

      Ok, People dont wear headphones around their neck to look cool, but when you have huge HIGH QUALITY headphones that fit around your ear, where do you plan to put them? Your pockets? No.

      • Anonymous

        Exactly, I used to walk to my course whilst listening to music on large Panasonic headphones, they do stick out quite a bit, so where else do ya stick em if ya want to take em off whilst out, say doin the groceries after course? you let em hang round ya neck. simple!

  4. kitkatlikereflexes

    “Not that I want to be naked or anything. I’m just saying, if society didn’t expect me to wear a shirt and jeans, as opposed to, I don’t know, some Underoos, I’d probably be at the bar looking like Shazam.”

    HAHAHA! Gosh, I love this post. 😀

    • Man, I had a pair of Shazam Underoos when I was a kid, and apparently they made a lasting impression. I find myself referencing them a lot…maybe just cause I like to say “Shazam!” It’s a fun word to say.

      Thanks so much for the comments! You rock!


  5. Palm Trees & Bare Feet

    I don’t understand the “Ear Hoodies” either. For me, clothes should be comfortable and cheap. I’m told I have one of the worst fashions for being a girl. Haha. Oh, well.

    Great post and congrats on being Freshly Pressed! 🙂

    • Ankle boots? They sound like a nightmare. I thank God everyday that I haven’t uttered the phrase “shoe bootie” since the 80s. I have no idea if that relates to ankle boots, but it’s what I thought of.

      Thanks for the comment Simple Life!

  6. “… which some people might call a vest…”

    What? It’s not a coat it is a vest!! You don’t wear it when it is bitterly cold outside, you wear it when it is chilly out but you plan on being active. It’s actually very effective when you need to layer clothing – generally your arms don’t need the same kind of protection that your core does.

    • It’s a coat vest man! Hybrid! Haha – and yes, you’re right. But, you know, what if, by coincidence, you freeze to death while wearing one. I for one would feel silly. That’s not really a good point…

      Peace, Mitch! Thanks for the comment!

  7. Loved this post! I am particularly distressed by distressed jeans and leggings that are worn as pants.

    Also, as a life-long glasses wearer I totally agree with you. I wrestled through years of punishable nerdom and now that my specs have been deemed fashion forward, I feel like this is a reward only myself and my long-suffering spectacled compatriots can reap!

  8. I love ear hoodies (and beanies), but I also like cute things and Lolita fashion. We Asian girls look underage regardless of what we wear so why not be playful with our clothes? I will admit that some of them are ridiculously furry to where one does look like a stuffed animal, but a few Japanese punk brands have simple black cat-eared hoodies that add just enough whimsy to your outfit to make someone look twice without wondering if they just saw a Sasquatch.

    Glasses without frames are kind of weird, but if I ever got LASIK, I’d start wearing them because I’m too used to how I look with glasses.

    • Korea really needs to get a punk scene…I saw a Korean “rock band” at a club last night and every song was a crappy ballad. I love Japanese punk and am envious! Is Gito Gito Hustler still around?

      Anyways, love the comment, especially the part where you said “one does look like a stuffed animal.” Cheers Hibari!

    • I agree! I mean, that’s what people do when they’re cold – they rub their arms! If I see some dude in a vest coat rubbing his arms, I shall laugh at him. Secretly of course, because he could probably hurt me.

      Thanks for the comment Rae!

  9. I love your post – absolutely hilarious. I thought the model with the ear hoodie still somehow managed to look adorable. Maybe she can pull it off because she’s gorgeous? As for the sleeveless coat thing (we call it a gilet in the UK), as a student I used to wear one with a sweater underneath on fairly chilly-but-not-quite-freezing days and felt fine. My youngest brother practically lives in his gilet; he’s pretty muscular from stuff like kayaking and Wing Chun. For a guy, it definitely helps if you have the physique for it.

    • Yes, I agree. Which is why I don’t wear anything that’s sleeveless. My wife beaters have sleeves.

      And yes, the girl in the ear hoodie does look adorable. Nice Hello Kitty gravatar too btw. Yay Asia!

    • Yeah man! Good connection – the fingerless gloves look badass though. Stallone really owned that look. Way cooler than wearing just the finger part of the gloves with no palm part. I think everyone agrees with that.

      Thanks for the comment, Rufus!

  10. Ah! You have perfectly described fashion in Korea and why it is so baffling! Makes me want to go back more than I already do, simply so I can go to the mall and stare at all the kids wearing lensless glasses and couples outfits! LOVE IT!

    • I can’t really close to putting the couple outfits in here! They’re HILARIOUS! What happens if the couple breaks up? Does one person keep the outfit and look for a new partner who fits in it? Love the mouples (matching couples)!

      Thanks for the comment, Waiting!

  11. In Toronto – I see the Ear hoodies and hats on all the little kids – I think The “14 and under ” is a great idea 🙂 lol – for all the world ….They are so cute on the little ones 🙂
    I have to admit i bought a raccoon one last year – wore it about 5 times and felt like i was majorly regressing as i suddenly wanted to go to Toys R Us and shop ……
    Great Blog …….

    • Hahahhahaha – raccoon hoodie! That’s outstanding! Is it me, or has Toys R Us gotten depressing? Like, maybe it was always this way, I just didn’t notice because I was a kid, but when I go in Toys R Us now, it tends to have a really run down feeling to it, and there’s nobody there and I feel like I’m at some drug warehouse or something. Like the place could go out of business at any moment. It’s depressing man!

      I’m rambling. Thanks for the comment, Cat!

  12. Great post, and I definitely agree with you on all counts! Anything passes for fashion now, and people wear the strangest things! Congrats on being freshly pressed 🙂

    • It’s pitiful – I’m not being hyperbolic, everything I own is from Uniqlo. I have half the store. My coat is even from there, and my socks. I’m like a walking Uniqlo add, only I’m not getting paid and I don’t look good. Love me some Uniqlo!

      Thanks for the comment, Lost China!

  13. If you happen to come across someone who looks like they’re wearing Winnie the Pooh on their head WHILE they have headphones around their neck, you need to run. Fast. But only after you have slapped them firmly across the back of the head, preferably with one of those huge novelty foam hands that they sell at sporting events.

    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed, and thank you for an amusing read.

    • Yeah, I generally keep my novelty foam hand with me when I go places. You never know when you need to chant about being number one. Sometimes I’ll tell someone, “I’m number one,” and the person is like, “Oh yeah? You got a foam hand to emphasize that?” Why yes I do! I’m number one! I’m number one!

      Thanks, Disseminate! Appreciate the comment. : )

  14. OH MY GOSH, YES!!!!!!!!

    As a person who has been afflicted with glasses since the 5th grade, I resent it when people wear glasses that don’t need them. It seriously pisses me off. I’m not even kidding. My hubby and his brothers Mii characters on our Wii have glasses. Do they need glasses? No. But they want to wear them & think they are cool. What’s up with that?!?!

    Sorry for the mini tirade. Congrats on Freshly Pressed 🙂

  15. Nour

    THIS is amazing; love it! You know, I often wonder how the term “fashion” is interpreted these days, it has become really hard to tell…which leaves me very confused (and feeling old)!

    Congrats on being FP!

    • Don’t feel old. There’s no benefit. People don’t say “respect your elders and the people in your age bracket that feel old.” You know? And…I have no were else to go with this…

      Thanks for the comment Nour! Appreciate it! : )

  16. Remember the days when those who wore glasses were *beat up*? They were called nerds. Now it’s cool to be a nerd. Or get beat up. I’m not sure which one. Regardless, it confuses me–this is the antithesis of my childhood, that’s all I know. And I wanted to punch a girl I saw at the airport with said ear hoodie/hat last week. Wouldn’t it be funny if we started to see animals sporting human hoodies? Hmmmm, you get me thinking differently about the world. ha!

  17. fireandair

    “It’s cold outside. Real cold. You put on your coat to warm up. But then you realize that your coat has no sleeves.”

    This is my reaction to every sleeves or shortsleeved turtleneck sweater I’ve ever seen in my life. Like a tipless condom.

    • Excellent call! McFly rocked the vest coat. I think I can even picture it – it was orange if I’m not mistaken…in part two. I might be wrong there. I love Back to the Future Part Two by the way. It’s brilliant.

      Thanks Movie Guy!

  18. Why can’t people just like what they like? I’m sure there are numerous people who could dislike something you wear. It’s just personal preference. It’s not hurting anyone.

  19. What a great blog post idea!
    I would go for slightly more extreme looks that baffle me – like it’s WINTER – it’s FREEZING and boys are wearing shorts and flip flops, a zip-up hoodie with their chest fluff blowing in the arctic breeze?!
    Glasses with plastic lenses is really a weird one. Also, what’s the deal with wearing pyjamas//tracky bums in public? You’ve got yourself out of bed and shown your face to the world, so dress like you’ve got out of bed too!

    • Haha – good points, good points. Are tracky bums the pants with the writing on the butt? Sometimes I’ll get caught looking at a girl’s bottom when she wears that, and it sucks, cause then I have to explain all about how I’m not a pervert, just an avid reader. Seriously, though, those pants suck! It’s impossible not to look at the word and then I feel guilty.

      Gee, I kind of went off on a tangent there. Thanks for the comment, loved it!

  20. I love the one about glasses! That totally grinds my gears. As one of the vision impaired creatures out there I resent those who wear the black acetate frames just to try to be Hipster. Perfect post.

    • Bastard hipsters! I’m with you 100%.

      Thanks for the comment and the compliment. I like your name – I was raised on a lot of Sinatra and the Rat Pack, and occasionally that influence will cause me to slip and say “broad” from time to time. Now, if that happens, I’ll try to cover and pretend that I said “abroad.” Brilliant!

  21. gothichydran126

    Glasses with no lenses??? As a prescription glasses wearer myself that is new news to me. It reminds me of when I was in middle school in the early 90’s and there was a silly trend of taking a paper clip, straightening it, putting it in your mouth, and pretending that you were wearing a retainer. I have no clue where that came from but it was a really bad idea.

    Now with the ear hoodies, I’ve only seen them on babies which are cute….but i’ve also seen them on Anime otaku’s that hang out at Chinatown.

    • There was a retainer fad? That’s ridiculous! Man, when I was in high school I had a retainer but, get this, I had to glue it to the roof of my mouth with denture cream. It was hell on earth. Bad, bad memories.

      Thanks a ton for the comment and for bringing back painful thoughts of high school. Peace!

  22. I agree with you on all but the ear hoodie. I think they are cute (and comfy!) but I only wear it at home. I was the first at my school to wear one and soon everyone was copying me, so I stopped wearing it. There’s a guy in my Spanish 4 class who has a book bag with I hood meant to look like a dinosaur! Quite honestly, it’s the most creepy thing I have ever seen.

    • Hahaha – I’d love to see the dino pack. I change my mind. Ear hoodies are the best. I encourage you to start wearing it again.

      On another note, I congratulate you on making it to Spanish 4. That is an achievement. Muy bueno!

      Thanks again on the comments today Catcher of Stars. : )

  23. the ear-hoodie thing has made it down to Dallas, I’m afraid. So it really is contagious. No idea it had it’s origins in Korea tho…Hrm.

    What fashion pisses me off? Open toed boots. It makes my head hurt.

    these guys, for example.

    it looks like someone bit the end of your shoe off and now your poor toes are going to freeze and fall off. O_O

    • Does it originate in Korea? I just see it a lot, but I’m no expert when it comes to trends or anything. I think George W. Bush would look cute with an ear hoodie! But Dirk Nowitski would be scary in one and people might shoot him with a tranquilizer dart out of fear.

      Anyways! Open toed boots. Good call. Those are some mean shoes in the link. Dirk Nowitski would be horrifying in those too. What the hell am I talking about? I need coffee!

      Thanks for the comment and love your gravitar pic!

  24. *sniff sniff* what’s wrong with westerners…but i agree with everything except the lenseless glasses. they’re like any other accesory. Earings, Bracelelts, necklaces. They serve no purpose except to jazz up an outfit. If you don’t like them then okay.

    • It’s tough to say, cause I might really be irritated by person in the lenseless glasses. Perhaps the glasses themselves are okay. Depends on the person wearing them.

      You look really young! Are you in high school? If so, have you made it to Spanish 4 yet, because the girl a few comments above did, and I think she’s set the bar! If not, that’s fine because I didn’t either.

      Thanks for the comment! Yay westerners!

    • I think that’s great. Can you wash the sleeveless coat like that? I would imagine a lot of things get spilled on it, due to the cold causing the person’s uncovered arms to shake.

      Thanks for the comment, Cardinal!

  25. Dan

    Sleeveless jackets rock. How else can you play sports or do things that need you to move your arms around for.

    Playing frisbee with a heavy coat on is no fun.

  26. i live in hawaii and the asian population here blows me away with their epic fashions. i fallow the trends, choose a couple i’m into and go with it… but i’d say by far and away i have my own weird style.

    your remarks on the ear hoodie are hilar. there should be age cut offs for certain things… but hey man, don’t take my overalls away from me!

    no, your post isn’t mean. it’s funny!

    • Thanks! I would never, ever think of taking your overalls away. I’m really envious that you live in Hawaii. I have a friend there named Enrique…you know him?

      Anyways, I also like your name. Happy Hippie has nice alliteration and, really, hippies should be happy. You could go big and call yourself Happy Hawaii Hippie Rose, but that might be overkill. Take care!

    • I don’t know what that is, but I don’t support anything that can be described as being “woolly.” The mammoth is the only thing that should get that adjective preceding its name.

      Peace, mixtape!

  27. I’m a girl, and I confess to wearing my headphones around my neck. My reasoning? 1) They look cool, 2) if I leave them at my desk, some jerk might steal them (it happens). Also, plug them into my mobile phone to listen to stuff without bothering people.

  28. I think they have versions of the ear hoodie here in California. I’ve seen store displays with winter beanies that are modeled to look like fox, wolf, and bear ears. Possibly a skunk one, too. It’s a bit…much.

    Loved the rant about headphones. Totally true. It’s like the people who wear sunglasses indoors or ALWAYS have their bluetooth in their ear.

    • Oh man! F*** indoor sunglasses guy! That’s a good one Maureen. He’s just as bad as headphones guy if not worse. Good call, my friend!

      Thanks for the comment. I’ll be on the lookout for skunk people.

  29. The ear hoodie!!! I love the carding idea. Love it. The animal fashions of today not only expose what was once a skulking human desire — the yearning to be treated like a lap pet — they also lend credibility to these natural urges. Back in my day people said, hey, she’s a fox or she’s a foxy lady. They meant she was sexy, like a fox. But now we have reified these anthropomorphisms. Now we aren’t just like a fox, we are a fox. Wow, I’m freaking myself out, I’m gonna go howl at the moon now.

    • Hahaha – nicely done! This made me laugh. Can you imagine having, I don’t know, kind of a homely girlfriend, and having to tell people “Yeah, my girlfriend isn’t a fox…she just dresses like one”? The humiliation!

      Thanks for the comment, Patrice!

      • letters from val

        This post is just too funny, but even more so are your responses to the comments. Skimming them, I had to stop at this one– gotta share it.

  30. I totally laughed out loud reading your thoughts on the vest because I’ve often thought the same thing! I LOVE fashion, always have – as a 4 year old, I would put together and change outfits 4 times a day! Drove my mother insane.
    But like you, there are certain fashion options I just don’t get. Vests are one of them due to the cold arms aspect. So are shorts with tights/stockings in cold weather – it doesn’t work, you freeze!
    I think fashion is fun and an expression of how you feel or want to be perceived that day BUT I believe it should fit the occasion/environment/age. Other than that, have fun!

    • Yeah, I had a conversation with a Korean girl the other day about this skirt-with-stocking thing, and she said the stockings here are actually warmer than pants. So I’m gonna give it a go. No, seriously, I find that difficult to believe. The K girls kick the short skirts all year and I worry about them!

      I’m gonna check your blog out pronto because I don’t know of any Bahamians in Austria. I’m intrigued. Thanks for the comment!

      • Yeah, I’m the only one that I know of – have met folks from everywhere here except the Caribbean. Seems we don’t do cold weather or maybe we just haven’t figured out how to rock the ear-hoodies & vests yet, lol!

    • Yeah, but then people would just get fake ids. Like, they’d ask their 10-year-old cousin to borrow her ID and try to pass. “How old are you?” “Ten! I hit a growth spurt recently! I swear, last week I was three feet tall and now I have breasts!” Ok, I don’t know what I’m talking about. Thanks for the comment, Bobe! Interesting name, that’s cool. : )

    • Yeah, I’ve been watching my back. It’s been real taboo to talk about ever since the Bloodz and the Crips started wearing the ear hoodies. I gotta admit that I’m scared. The Bloodz really look precious though, don’t they?

      Thanks for the comment man! Peace!

  31. shutter eyes! spot on!

    Well- When I was getting on flight at Chicago, people started really looking at me as I was in pajama, long sleeve white shirt yet with BOSE noise canceler head phone, not that I was wearing all the while form my hotel room till the flight I board. people started gazing at me when I took it out and circled it around my neck just before announcement began to board.

    I was kind a getting nervous yet i was not bothered as I was in proper position of my state listening to trance.

    And Inside I was In flight and all that i had to do was to make my baggage fit ob the luggage compartment and just sit and put on my head phone and start my Droid phone to watch movie “WICKER PARK”.

    the lady beside said me. You were all prepared for flight ha and she like my pajama, I was white with non-religious logo on it . well i said I am always this way. I believe i n me being comfortable on a non-conflictory note and I believe in wearing or living life style that suites me and not others..


  32. Not all “headphones around the neck” wearers are guys! In my senior class picture, I had headphones (albeit small ones) around my neck. In my daughter’s senior class picture, she has headphones (again, small ones) around her neck. Then I found these $16 Koss UR20 headphones on Amazon. The cord is a quarter inch thick. They block out all sound, so my best friend has freaked out because she doesn’t hear from me for days. They are like small planets orbiting my head. I look like a techno Princess Leia when I wear them. I like them because I don’t have to listen to obnoxious guys in lensless glasses talk about their ear-hoodie wearing girlfriends. They also disguise the fact that I don’t wear jewelry. Unless a headphone necklace is the new “in” thing…?

  33. You know, something along the lines of the ear hoodies are the ear ‘scarves’ that have the hood with the ears and then scarf ‘arms that end up in ‘mitten’ hands. They’re popular here in the states, as a matter of fact, I’ve seen more of those than the ear hoodies. My niece has a unicorn head like that. I just don’t quite get it.

    But yeah, I’d love to walk around in a pair of underoos. I LOVED em, actually I’ve been thinking of picking up a few pair of the adult ones just so I can feel like I’ve got a secret when I wear em like I did when I was a kid. 🙂

    Cool post, thanks for sharing.

  34. vixstar1314

    Amazing and spot on post. So true. It is strange how trends can filter across borders so quickly. I guess in the end we all just live in one world and interlink one way or another ^_^
    Thanks for sharing post

    • It’s funny and cool because I thought the “ear hoodie” thing was strictly Korean…crazy to hear from people in Texas wearing them.

      Well put! Couldn’t agree more, Vixstar. : )

      • Well, let me teach you then. The problem is that not enough people hate Uggs, that’s why so many people still wear them. They claim they are nice and comfy but they are just shapelss and give no support, so if your feet are not 100% straight you will end up walking next to the sole because the boot just take on the shape of your wonky feet. And that’s not a pretty sight by any standard. I think I have ranted about this so much, there is definitely a blog post in it in the near future.
        Peace man, I love your attitude!

  35. I so agree with you! When I was small my parents bought me 3 coats with no sleeves at once when they were on sale. I had no idea what to do with them because I never understood their purpose! Like are they supposed to keep me warm? Then why are there no sleeves???? WHY???

  36. I say let people wear what they will. When a decade or two has passed the outrageous of today will be replaced with something even more ” baffling”. I can imagine a world where people transmigrate themselves into cyborgs…which sounds pretty cool actually.

    • Transmigrate? Does that mean you wear a dress and look like a girl but have male genitalia? I think there’s a transmigrated bar in Itaewon here. Big transmigrated community in Korea. I like that movie Transamerica. She was transmigrated.

      Thanks for the comment man! Sorry for the stupid response!

  37. Loved this! I have actually earned my glasses, so I totally agree with your thought on that. I kind of wonder where people get these ideas . Do they go to daycares and look at the toddlers? Oh, yes, let’s put people in an animal/hoodie/shrug thingie. That would totally look cool on a 30 year old. But then again, my idea of a fashion risk would be changing the color of my Converse to something other than the black and whites.

    • Lol – yeah, maybe sometime you could go wild and wear red Converse! I have a pair of those and they never leave the closet. I haven’t worn anything unorthodox since the one time I bent over and my UniQlo skinny jeans split (jk jk).

      Thanks for the comment Ruby!

    • Haha – very true! I like your name…Red Toenails are pretty sexy. If I was going to have a name in that vein, it might be Trimmed Toenails. Anyways, thanks for taking the time to comment!

  38. hahaha, this post tickles me funny. I also live in Korea, you see, and I’m one of those ex-pats who have no clue about fashion and am gladly left in the dark when it comes down to it. However, since I’ve come here, I’ve noticed some things. I agree with you largely on the things you mentioned, and, coming from Texas, we don’t get all that cold so I acquired a puffy jacket because the puffy vests don’t do it for me; my arms have feelings too. I already wear glasses (it surprised me when one of my 3rd grade boys came up to me and showed me his fashion glasses) and for something a little extra for Halloween, I went to a local optometrist to get colored lenses. This was when I was introduced to the Circle Lens which makes your eyes incredibly large. O_O Rather like that. It worked well for the season.

    I have to say that you also missed a couple of things, though no harm done. 😉 Other than how both males and females sometimes appear as if they’ve walked right out of a magazine cover, in addition to the few you’ve touched on, there are other things I don’t get. Like shopping or even going hiking or an amusement park in 6 inch heels. Perhaps it’s because I tend to dress a bit like a tomboy and how I can’t wear even 2-inch heels without feels like I have amputated my feet, but it’s absolutely mind-boggling to me… but it all makes sense when I see my Coteacher’s feet and you can see some scarring from shoe damage. What people here do for fashion… Not to mention the short shorts coupled with leggings underneath in freezing weather. Really? Must you? I’m here wearing my jeans and I STILL feel like I’m not wearing any pants.

    Anyway, props to you and your post and your humor on the no-no’s in Korean fashion. 🙂

    • Yes! The heels are out of control here, aren’t they? And I feel really bad for the school girls walking around in a blizzard wearing a skirt. The biggest benefit of being male in Korea is that you get to wear pants to middle school. These poor girls! Korea is a weird place to live, and I didn’t notice that so much until I went to other Asian countries like Thailand and Vietnam, where the people look like real people and not cover model/doll people. God bless the Koreans!

      Anyways, thank you for the comment, Airiseu!

  39. Jose

    I completely agree with you on these points! I think a lot of it is also what some of us grew up with. It would be amazing to see a celebrity wearing an ear-hoodie and frames that nobody really liked to show some people how pointless some trends really are. But I guess to each his own, right?

  40. Haha I agree with all of your fashion peeves. “coat” vests? Qu’est-ce que le point?? Glasses without prescriptions–I take offence, as I sometimes wear glasses and there is nothing fashionable about them, I’m sorry! Headphones around the neck==unless someone interrupted you while you were jamming out, they shouldn’t still be around your neck. And those bear-ear hoodies? How old are we??

    Great funny post!

  41. I love your post – it’s so true!! I almost bought my daughter a hat that looked like a monkey head – of course, she’s 11, so it’s okay…..

    Congratulations on being FP’d!!

  42. May

    I couldn’t agree more about the glasses without glass thing. I sat behind a girl wearing just frames a few weeks ago at a choir rehearsal, and all I wanted to do all evening was poke her eyes through the empty space. It was really distracting.

    • Yes, it’s hard not to poke the eyes! I know exactly what you’re saying. Maybe you should pretend to be blind and poke their eyes with the cane. That might be a good way to go about it without seeming mean.

      Anyways, thanks for the comment May!

    • Hahaha. Shit guy! I drank so much in Hongdae last night…I put that Facebook post up around when I got home. It was like 7 in the morning man…I’m just sitting here trying to respond to comments…my body hurts so bad.

      I’m so confused.

      • Is it shameful that I’ve done the same? I’ll come home, and like a neurotic freak check my email and my stats, notice the spike, rejoice, and then browse through half of the comments, while also barely conscious.

        Like a good blogger should.

  43. mazohystic

    I actually quite like the ear hoodies. Being young and adorable is a big part of most modern Asian fashion. I really love the innocent look. I would wear them butI look like I’m thirteen even without those kinds of hoodies. That being said, I am only 16. I also have a tendency to be more attracted to guys with headphones around their necks.

    The other two though, I agree with you. I never liked vests. And the glasses make me made. Don’t wear glasses if you can see, mmkay? I also don’t like how people are buying that certain style of glasses lately too. It’s just doesn’t look good unless you are a legit nerd/geek/basement dweller.

    • Nice rundown! These Asian kids really ARE adorable. The first time I saw the ear hoodie, my student “Amy” came running into class with one on and I seriously melted. Love it! I want an Asian kid of my own now!

      Thanks for the comment, maz!

    • Yeah, I have like a reflex or something…every time I see someone with the lenseless glasses, I HAVE to put my finger through. Not poke them in the eye, per say, but just show them that I could poke them in the eye if I chose to.

      Thanks for the comment, background!

  44. Such a great post.

    As trivia (and I don’t know how old you are, so you may already know this, but my guess is you’re . . . younger than I am):

    Sleeveless coats made their debut in the 80’s. When I registered my own puzzlement at their purpose, I was told that “science” had discovered that, unless it was FRICKIN’ COLD, you only needed to keep your trunk/core warm, and the rest of your body would feel warm, too.

    Being another one of those people who has trouble following trends, I never tested this assertion.

    • That’s true – that really sucks. However, at least I get the excellent song “I Wear My Sunglasses at Night” by Corey Hart in my head when I see someone doing that. So there’s a perk.

      Thanks for the comment Irwan!

    • crawlingladybug

      hahahahaha some students in campus do that, they wear it in class. I mean yes, here is super hot like hell at day but in class with air conditioner? I’m like (‾.‾’)

    • Hey, you have a picture! Yes, one can’t argue with an adorable baby. And it is absolutely adorable. You know what? I’m gonna get one for my niece back in the States! Woo Hoo! Ear hoodie Christmas!

      Thanks for the comment! : )

  45. gaijinass

    Tokyo here. I see all this and other shit I cannot even begin to address in a comment box. I have to say, aside from the Japanese Host dyed and feathered ’80s hair, the headphones around the neck thing is the king of douche baggery.
    Lovely post!

    • I’m sure Tokyo is mind blowing. Can’t wait to get to Japan – ridiculous that I still haven’t been. Korea seems to be stuck in the 80s too. I suppose that’s a good thing, as I prefer to make-believe it’s still 1987.

      Thanks for the comment, my friend in Tokyo!

  46. knudsandbaek

    Fashion is what you make it. The only interesting thing about fashion is the fact, that it is what you make of it. It’s nothing in it self. It is other peoples opinions. It is in our minds. Noone dies. Noone starves. Nobody really cares, but since all the rest of them do, I might as well – and later on it’s hard to remember how little it really matters.

    What matters is fitting in, or not. Because we’re all scared of not being loved, more or less. What matters is the love we give and get. The rest is just cheap plastic gimmicks that only those (with money) envolved like to think are important.

    • I totally agree with knudsandbaek. I mean…. if a person really like to wear an earhoodie then so be it. It doesn’t kill someone. It’s annoying to some people, but really… whatever. I find it hilarious how some people make such a big deal on how people dress… these things should be ignore. There are better and bigger things to notice such as, say, the economy?!

      • Two Toned! Chill guy! It’s okay to chuckle about what a person is wearing; it doesn’t mean I hate anybody or think it’s a big deal. I love everyone man. Except for people who talk about the economy too much.

  47. th3btiam

    The extent of my fashion knowledge is differentiating between clean, dirty, work and non-work clothes. As a NET in Korea, there is one fashion trend, here, I just don’t understand. English words on shirts that; A) make no sense ( one I really remember is; a sweatshirt that had ” dog like truck yellow.” I have no idea what it was supposed to mean). B) profanity on kids clothes. One of my 3rd graders has socks that have a skull with the message ” Fuck You”, under the skull.

    Nice post. Congratulations on being Fresh Pressed.

    • Lol! You’re 100% right. The Konglish shirts are jaw dropping, aren’t they? Sometimes it’s like they just stuck a bunch of random English words on them. I haven’t seen the profane kids clothes, but I’m sure it exists. I saw one little girl on the subway once who had a shirt with a fully nude woman on it. Crazy!

      I’m gonna Google NET – I was a GET, I think, and I don’t know the difference!

      Anyways, thanks for the comment. : )

  48. I think it depends on the circumstances with the headphones. Like, I own a large pair of headphones because they’re noise-canceling and when I’m going to the park to read or walking around, I like them. And when I walk in somewhere to order food on one of these endeavors or someone stops to talk to me, I put them around my neck. But I put them in my bag during class, and try leave my iPod at home altogether if I’m going out with friends. And I’ll also confess to having an ear hoodie, but that’s again something I wear either at home or hanging around being silly with friends, and I don’t usually keep the hood on (a few minutes is entertaining; more than that is kind of weird… even to the owner). It’s all circumstance. Except the vest. The vest is silly; invest in a sweater.

  49. I agree with you. Silly, silly fashion. I have given up understanding it. In Australia many people wear thongs (flip-flops for those in America?) and socks. If you’re feet are cold PUT SOME REAL SHOES on. Or the girls who wear mini shorts in winter and then furry ugg boots. If you’re cold, PUT SOME DAMN PANTS ON.

    – Ermisenda

  50. I agree wholeheartedly. For the very same reasons as the sleeveless coat, I despise the ugg boots and miniskirts/shorts combinations. Or a scarf with a summer ensemble. Pick a season, asshat!

    • Lol! It’s like the a-holes who go to football games in January and take their shirts off. There’s a time and a place for you to have your shirt off – the time is fucking August and the place is nowhere around me, man!

      Thanks for the comment, Lulu!

  51. sooooo true… just because you see all the celebrities wear these in their pictures doesn’t mean they wear them on the street (do they?…). Though the funny thing is sometimes they do look good in those things, but it doesn’t mean that it fits some of us…duhh… but true if they are your friends then you’ll still love them despite all the fashion thingy… and I’m hoping that they love me to even if I’m out-of-trend…
    p/s: congratulation on being freshly pressed… ;D

  52. I guess Korean fashion doesn’t include “saggy” which mercifully didn’t really catch on until after I was out of high school. Saggy… because nothing says, “I’m ready for a relationship” like your entire underwear showing and pants that look like a diaper being dragged off by load.

  53. AFBsax

    What’s worse that wearing headphones around your neck are actually wearing them when you’re not listening to any music. It’s hilarious because my friend Jacob used to do it all of the time, and although he said it was so he could ignore people I know he did it because he felt cool. Of course, he didn’t wear DJ headphones that were bigger than his head that cost 200 dollars too much so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been but Still…

  54. I honestly haven’t seen the 3rd or 4th trends (but I’m sure fashion in Kentucky is very different from in Korea) but I completely agree about the headphones. It’s one thing to have a set of earbuds around your neck if you were actually using them. People listen to their iPods & phones all the time. But if you’re wearing the big mega-earphones, like the kind that came with my parents’ stereo back in the 90’s, you’re clearly just wearing them for attention. It’s like you said about the glasses, if you’re not actually using them, don’t wear them.

  55. chunter

    I have no problem with wearing headphones for function as well, the problem is that when you wear them at a party, it means there is sound playing through them and you don’t want to hear or talk to anybody; there is nothing more antisocial!

    So indeed, wearing them as a fashion accessory is like carrying a guitar you can’t play everywhere you go…

    God didn’t invent glasses but I can let that slide 😉

    Best wishes

    Congratulations on FP

    • He didn’t? I thought he did that on the fifth day or something. Right after inventing puppy dogs, hoop earrings, and Kool Aid. I had some trouble reading the bible, tough language. I could be wrong.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  56. Mike Apathy

    Disagree with you on the ear hoodie thing. The young lady in your sample pic was doing a fine job of representing the style’s merits.

    Then again I’ve worn the bunny suit from Christmas Story into a local bar in the middle of the summer. What do I know?

    • That’s great. You’re a lucky gal. I wish I could say the same. I faked good vision through the whole 4th grade before I admitted to myself and the world I needed glasses. That whole year is a blur (get it! drum role!)

      I’m tired. Responding to all these comments has been like a full time job. It’s fun though. Thanks for reading, Random Girl!

  57. I find the ear-hooded stuff adorable. I order it from ebay online once in a while. And I am 30, living in Norway, where almost everyone think that these hoods belong on children along with everything with “Hello Kitty” on it. But I choose to wear what I like despite what others might think of me 🙂

    I do agree 100% on the other stuff 🙂

    • That’s great! I’d love to see you walking around Norway with your ear hoodie. Crazy how international these things are! Norway – neat. : )

      Love the attitude! Thanks for the comment.

  58. Great post! I’m totally with you on the glasses with no lenses in them! Glasses are made for people who can’t see clearly. That’s their only purpose.

  59. About the dude with his guitar slung around his shoulder all night while he’s playing a gig…yeah, I’m probably the female version of that, and I’m like, American.

    One thing about fashion in general has always befuddled me into extremes of befuddledness. Bunny slippers. I mean, my mom, her mom, and her sister own those things. Please. Who in their right mind would want to wear poor BUNNIES ON THEIR FEET?


    • Hey, you’re young and a rock chick so I support it. You should maybe wear bunny slippers at gigs. I hear Mick Jagger did that at first. So did Phil Anselmo. Haha.

      Thanks for the comment, Ashley. Peace!

  60. meandswoo

    I love this and all the comments. You all have great names. We have to wear clothes so have fun with them if you enjoy it or go basic if you’re not interested. It is just not important.

  61. I’m 50/50 with you on this post. I don’t have a problem with the sleveless coats or vests and the earphones around the neck, but I have a problem – actually, a very big problem – with people who wear glasses with no lenses and “overaged” people who wear ear hoodies. Wearing glasses with no lenses just looks absolutely ridiculous because it makes the person seem like one who has dropped his/her glasses, broke the glass part, and then removed every single glass piece and wore them again for the purpose of “fashion”! Say what? Forgive me for saying that although I don’t think you would mind that I said that. After all, you are as mean. Nevertheless, I still love this post!

  62. petuniasean

    This made me smile ^^I really should be studying but got distracted and found your blog. I love Korea, I’ve only been there once last summer when my friend complained, ‘We are not dumplings’… now it would probably be ‘We are not ice cream’. It must be cooooold there at the moment. I’m undecided about the bodywarmer’s contribution to this situation! Like you, I’m not convinced.

    • I’m always happy to distract someone from studying. Today was freezing, but it hasn’t been that bad. Last winter was brutal man. If you come again, do the summer like you did before.

      Thanks for the comment!

  63. Don’t be baffled. Sometimes, we wear clothes not because of their original purpose, but simply because we look good in it.

    Take example of a “tie”. Its of no use. yet it looks cool and we wear it…

    • Actually I think that neckties are supposed to conceal the buttons of your shirt… well okay, it’s not an actual purpose, but at least an aesthetic reason.

      Also, I’ve heard it reasoned that neckties survived in men’s clothing as a phallic symbol, additionally indicating quite directly the virile region, so maybe there’s an evolutionary aspect to it as well! =)

      I agree that fashion doesn’t have to have a reason or even make a statement, but the tie seems to be more than a short fashion fad.

  64. Here in my country, what people sport are their humongous Nikon/Canon SLRs. They wear it everyday in every place like a necklace! It’s a status symbol for them but to me it’s crazy! What interesting subject would you actually capture inside a mall or church? Oh please.

    I’m a Filipino, btw.

    • That’s really interesting, actually. I might use that in a short story or something. Thanks a ton for sharing that.

      Can’t wait to visit the Philippines. Flying into Manila next month to spend some time there. Very excited! I will be sure to wear a big camera.

      Take care. : )

  65. derekberry

    Those ear hoodies creep me out. So do the beanie caps with little sock monkey faces on the front. It’s like the monkey it eating your head. Gah!

  66. Good observations!

    I have two things that make me crazy:

    The first is when people wear rash gaurds out in public as a shirt. Rash gaurds are what surfers wear (and little children) in the water to keep the sun off their backs and to provide some protection from undesirable things in the water. It is awful when you see some doofus at a bar wearing one.

    The second is aqua socks. Again, for children with tender feet to wear when walking around in the ocean or a lake. They are not tennis shoes!

    Anyway, good observations! Thankfully these trends have not shown up in my locale…only people wearing pajamas to Wal-Mart at 3 a.m.

    • I have no idea what these are but I’m sure if I was a surfer I would be annoyed. Wal-Mart at 3 AM sounds like a blast. I would go just so I could say “I’m the best dressed person in this place.”

      Thanks the comment brother!

  67. I am so out of the fashion loop that I didn’t even realize headphones around the neck was a “thing.” So this post was both entertaining AND informative. I agree with you on all four points. Only yesterday I went on a rant about how ridiculous ear hoodies look.

    • How funny! Is that you in the picture? It’s gorgeous. Love the whole flapper thing. I fully support that style. You didn’t see them drinking and smoking with bear ears on their heads.

      Thanks for the comment, Em!

  68. Great post. I agree! I would add one thing…..the kids that wear their jeans below their butts. And they have a belt on to keep them there. Really? I do NOT want to see your Hanes, dude. Some cities are thinking about making this ridiculous “fashion statement” indecent exposure.

    • When I worked at the public school in the US, we had major problems with the boys sagging their jeans. We tried sending them home for dress code violations but had to give up after awhile because it was a fight we weren’t going to win. Love it or hate it, I think one must accept sagged jeans. Maybe it’s all a conspiracy by Hanes to get real-life product placement.

      Thanks for the comment, Missey Twisted! Love your crazy cat pic.

  69. A very nice post. You forgot to mention sandals and black socks (or even, gulp, argyle!) as one more distressing look. Or how about the people who are always in exercise clothes, whether they’re exercising or not? That look works best when you first apply a little baby-oil to all exposed parts to give yourself that “slick and sweaty” vibe….

  70. It’s the age old attempt to look cool by doing something different and when you think you’ve got it just right you realize you look like a total moron but can’t admit it to anyone else. Acid wash jeans with two different colours of converse high tops were cool in grade eight but none of us will admit we did it now!

  71. Haha! It’s true, we do get carried away with fashion over functionality. I agree with GG though: “Take example of a “tie”. Its of no use. yet it looks cool and we wear it…”. There are just somethings that are worn that don’t make sense, yet we do anyways.

    Hilarious post! 🙂

  72. celymar

    This post is funny and I agree with you on the first three ideas. About the four, Ear Hoodies, I think it is cute. I don’t know about how is fashion on Korea but here in Puerto Rico, even if we dont wear it because it isn’t common, i think it’s cute and I could wear it 😉 . It is true: what is the use of a coat with no sleeves, or headphones around the neck not in the ears, or put glasses that would not have any use, I think they think they are “cool” by wearing that. 🙂

  73. I must admit I find this article amusing lol, but I can’t help feeling a bit targeted. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go cry in a corner in my eared hoodie.

  74. andeelicious

    I find this hilarious because I absolutely agree on everything yet I have tried wearing the glasses with clear lens. Its kind of like a fashion statement. And the bunny/bear ears look cute and slutty.

  75. sonicleese

    I feel incredibly annoyed when I walk through a mall and see groups of teenage girls all dressed alike. Not just in similar styles (styles of the times if you will) but dressed in almost “mall ” uniform. Trends don’t always make sense. Trends sometimes stick around, but mostly they’re short lived and usually just serve those that are in the mindset to follow trends– the teenagers and tweens. It’s normal for them to want to fit in and be like the crowd, however confusing they are to the rest of us. I’m in my thirties and boy howdy, I’ve seen some head slappers. That said, being in my thirties allows me to remember that I too followed some pretty crazy trends that served no practical purpose other than to dress in what was popular at the time… What fun would life be if everything were practical?

    • Very true! I remember when I followed the tube-socks-to-your-knees trend and the flood jean trend and the wear-the-free-shirt-you-got-at-the-baseball-game trend. Those were trends, right?

  76. Sarah D.

    Ear hoodies remind me of another fashion I find baffling: huge, oversize pants, where the rear hangs down to the knees and the legs are too long, so they bunch up around the ankles. In both cases, I think: Who else wears this stuff? Two-year olds! Babies can wear anything on their heads and look cute, and kids wear big stuff because they’ll grow into it so fast. But teenagers? Grown-ups?

    And now let’s talk about wearing pajamas in public . . .

  77. How interesting and entertaining. I don’t wear any of those thing; however, I have always wanted a sleeveless coat but I understand the purpose of them now. They are really for when it’s a bit chilly out but not enough to where you need your whole body bundled…just your core. Being as allergic to heat, as I am, even when it’s really cold outside, I can only stand my coat long enough to make it from point A to point B. Once I’m in an enclosed space (or have briskly walked a distance) I start getting really hot…even sweating (in 0 degree weather, mind you) so off with the coat as soon as I can. With a sleeveless coat, I would be less inclined to take it off since I don’t have to free up my arms. I get a lot of sleeveless coat appropriate weather here in Denver, CO.

    Thanks for the post!

  78. I wore my ‘DJ’ headphones around my neck intermitently whilst walking around in London. Now that I’m back in Nigeria I would look ridiculous walking on the street with it, wearing it whilst driving, or just going for an outing with friends. I just find myself using them indoors when I work on my laptop (sigh). Great post and congrats on getting Freshly Pressed – well deserved!

  79. aimizz

    We should be wearing clothes that serve a purpose and make us comfortable with ourselves but hey, they think it’s “cool” or a “trend”. Some trends are just not meant to be followed. The thing that I agree the most is when people wear glasses without actual lenses. I mean, they’re not exactly something you like to wear every single time of the day. Take it from me, I wear glasses and sometimes, I really wish that my vision is perfect especially when you want to play a game of netball or basketball or even maybe frisbee. It can be quite troublesome. But who are we to say? People are people.

    Maybe people should start wearing clothes that are comfortable yet look good at the same time. Now, that would be awesome.

    Anyway, I enjoyed reading it. =)

  80. moderatechristian

    I’m sorry sir. But you could NEVER be a hipster.. you should go to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. You will find someone wearing ALL four of these items….no lie

    • I’ve only been to Brooklyn a couple times but I really loved it. If I ever go back, I’ll make sure I wear all this stuff so that I’ll blend in.

      Thanks for the comment, Moderate Christian!

    • Definitely agree with the frames thing. Have to say that the vest are dope!! Coming from Minnesota. I can say that they do actually keep you somewhat warm, at least your core. But you will definitely need a sweater under it. Preferable a winter ski holiday sweater! lol

  81. Too, too funny. Fashion is for the young and/or easily led. At least that’s my theory, as in high school and my early 20s I thought it made sense to wear mini-skirts and other inappropriate clothing in the winter (and I grew up on the East Coast of the U.S.). But once in a while someone comes along who is both young and wise (I’m assuming you’re young; your post makes it clear you are wise) and who sees through the nonsense. I do actually love some of my clothes, but mostly I wear them so I won’t get arrested. Extra stuff, like 1970s-style headphones around the neck, puffy ears on the hoodie, don’t interest me or impress me, but that’s what happens when you’re 40+. 🙂

    Enjoyed your post!

  82. Hehehe! I think headphones are cool, and practical too! I don’t have anywhere else to put them in a school hallway – and I always need SOME sort of readily available defense mechanism against the stupidity of popular boys. 🙂 It’s great we can all have our preferences. ;D

  83. Oh you are funny! I have a nephew who wears superhero outfits of his own combination and lately he has taken to wearing his clothes backwards! I hope that one catches on. He’s only four, though I wonder how his fashion sense will continue to develop. His creativity is amazing! The ear hoodie people are trying to be creative and individual but there are too many of them now. Now they are sheep! They should wear sheep hoodies. The first two people who wore them were creative, everyone else…..baaaah!

  84. go for quality over quantity…the more you spend the more you save….stick with a good pair of jeans, a nice blue shirt and fisherman’s jumper and a good pair og brogues (trickers) and you’ll never need to shop again….problem solved..! 🙂 🙂

  85. If you’re an American in South Korea, I’m a Filipina (close, but not quite) on an exchange studies in New York City. Picture a girl who wore a school uniform all her life in a top-100, fashion-conscious liberal arts school. Doom.

  86. Great post. Congrats for making it onto Freshley Pressed! Only yesterday, did I see a girl wearing one of those ear hoodies, yes, it was cute, and so was the girl but it made me wonder WHY you would buy something like that. Fortunately, she looked young. On someone older, well, it would be creepy and disturbing as hell…

  87. Some of these are so obviously worn to get attention.
    Sleeveless coats/vests are surprisingly warm. The head, neck, and torso are more vulnerable to cold than the arms, so a hat, scarf, and vest will go a long way if you want more freedom of movement. Gloves help, too.

  88. joebagel

    This made me laugh, but stop hating on westerners! Do you KNOW where you’d be without the USA? You’d probably be under communism! So stop the hatin’! We’re all people, here!

    • Haha – Joe! I’m American, man! I guess I was referring to the Western guys I see living in Asia who are here specifically to find themselves an Asian wife. Not hating on all Westerners by any means! That one particular sentence was written with the old-white-guy-with-the-little-Asian-trophy-wife in mind. I see them sometimes in Korea and definitely have seen them in Thailand.

      Anyways, didn’t mean to diss my own people! Peace Joe!

  89. ha ha! I like the ear hoodies!

    The rest I’m with you on, though 😉 The vests were popular here in 99/2000 -pink and purple for girls. I couldn’t get into them then. headphones for no reason are just weird. Same with lenseless glasses.

    I seriously want an ear hoody now…. :p

  90. alastor993

    Cool post! I live in China and I am baffled by the glasses without glasses! Seriously wtf? I have glasses because I need them to read, I have had them since i was young and as a teenager I hated wearing them! Here, my students wear them for fashoin?!
    On the other hand, teddy sweaters are cute, cute, cute! I don’t have one, but I wish I was younger so I could get away with it, “look mommy, I’m a teddy!”

  91. You know what really drives me insane? When people wear socks and flip flops. The hell…. makes no sense.

    About the headphones, I kind of lol’d xD

    But, the glasses with no lenses is more of a Korean trend. But, maybe people who wear glasses and don’t feel comfortable wearing them would be less embarrassed if it became a trend ~ Just a thought.

    Funny post though (:

    • Nice insights! I was specifically told about the socks-and-flip-flops once because I was guilty of doing that. It wasn’t on the beach…it just was too lazy to put shoes on and I had socks on…excuses, I know.

      Thank you so much for the compliment. Peace!

  92. QuaoaR

    Sometimes I wear my headphones around my neck ’cause I don’t have a bagpack. (Maybe a hip pouch, not large enuff. Of course.) I’ve been blamed all the time. Maaan, I’m not Shiva to hold everything in my hands. x’)

  93. I totally agree with you about the glasses without lenses. No matter how good they look on someone, I find that it’s pointless to wear them unless they are sunglasses (of course there are people who wear sunglasses inside or at night which I don’t understand). And then there are times when people wear contacts with glasses without lenses which just makes me think why not just wear your actual glasses. I’m sure that they look fine since you picked them out to wear. It’s a waste of money on perfectly good glasses. I have yet to see people wear the “ear” hoodies and headphones as a fashion trend, but I’m okay with the vest coats.

    P.S.-Loved your post. 🙂

  94. I HATE NUMBER THREE SO MUCH AND I AM SO GLAD YOU SAID THAT! AH! My first experience with it was my senior year of high school, 3 years ago, in my Calc A/B class. You think an AP Calculus class would have… idk. Dignity? But this girl came to school one day and my teacher said “Hey, I didn’t know you wore classes” and she giggles “I don’t. These lenses aren’t real” and giggles again. High school girls are still high school girls. I was baffled. But now I am annoyed like heck by them.
    Number One is also super annoying. My mom wears them. She says it keeps her warm and hides her tummy. I vote that it does nothing. Alas, we live in Southern California so maybe we don’t need big heavy jackets. Still. Super annoying. I am never wearing a jacket vest for the pure reason of my mom and grandma do.

    • Hahaha – This cracked me up. Yes, I won’t wear anything my Grandfather would wear. Like bolo ties.

      I like how you write, Jaymie. I’ve never been to California but I think I would like life there; the people I’ve met from California are just beautiful people, not meaning they look amazing, but they have a great way of thinking that I really like. It’s sort of spacey-yet-smart, with a really unique perspective. Thanks for your comment. : )

  95. Have to agree with you there. I’ve never actually seen anyone wear an ‘ear hoodie’ in my country but the rest of those trends do annoy me. But I think it’s important to understand that fashion isn’t about being practical and as cringey as it sounds, it is about self-expression. Comfort isn’t always the number one priority when it comes to fashion.

    • Absolutely not. If I knew I’d look cool wearing something, I’d sacrifice comfort in a heartbeat. But when I wear heels, I tell you…embarrassing AND uncomfortable.

      Thanks for the comment Bee! You’re absolutely right. : )

  96. My fashion pet peeve is those black (usually) tights that women wear. Only thinish or perfect shape should wear these as basically you are walking around naked with a little bit of color on. And please please at least wear a shirt that covers your butt. Or else you look like an ass.

    And yes I think ankle boots are stupid. Ear hoodies on anyone except kids. Toe socks are just plain stupid. I’m sure I have more but I will let it go for now.

  97. No wait I have to coment on the stupid stupid ugly as hell big black rimmed air force issue eye glasses real or fake. UGLY. If you wear these by choice I have no idea how you would ever get a date. Not you personally. Just anyone. They are so ugly. Butt ugly.

  98. yyyeah right. agreed with most of this. except if you’re really listening to the music atm or just listened to the music and didn’t give a damn to put it back to your bag, then I think it’s fine.

  99. Hugh Hefner made a multimillion dollar enterprise through a business based on grown-ups wearing animal ears…perhaps the hoodie inventor was just going for a more PG version of that.

    • I love it! PG Playboy Bunnies! Maybe they should make a Playboy magazine aimed at kids. Ewww – awful idea, awful awful! Forget I said it or thought it.

      Thanks for the comment, resrieg. : )

    • Love Hong Kong – I don’t remember it being as weird as Korea. I hope the ear hoodie makes it out there. I want people wearing it as they visit the Buddha on Lantau.

      Thanks for the comment, my friend in Hong Kong!

  100. Hahaha! Right on the money, I hate stupid fashion trends. I live in Melbourne, Australia where the boys often dress weirder than the girls. The current in look for the “indies” is to wear skinny pants that are rolled up past the ankle. Why? I don’t know. Fashion!

    • Skinny pants are here to stay I think. And obviously they are rolling them up because their ankles are hot.

      Haha – I dunno. Lovely to hear from someone in Melbourne. Thanks for commenting. : )

      • Haha. Clearly you have never been to Melbourne. It is seldom nice weather…
        Love the blog! You have a great tone of writing 🙂 (tone of writing? Does that make sense? Oh well)

  101. Fatch

    “What are you, a DJ? Go play some techno then”
    “That’s the way God intended it when he made vision problems and glasses.”

    These are the parts where I came to the conclusion that you’re a christian douchebag. You believe in a god and even capitalize the word out of respect. Why do you associate a DJ with only techno music?

    What do you do if you feel like listening to music in good quality when you’re out and have to put the headphones away if you need to talk to someone? Do you stuff them into your jeans pocket?

    Facepalms everywhere. Your blog entry isn’t even well written.

    • Whoa! I can’t tell if this is serious or not. Is this serious?

      If so: You took offense to capitalizing “God” and implying that DJs play techno? Um, you’re not a tough person to offend, are you? Headphones-around-the-neck lover!

      Also, if you are serious, don’t bother writing a snide reply because I’ll just delete it. Not getting in silly blog-comment-section feud.

      If not serious: Very funny. God bless ya!

  102. Seeing groups of kids in my small town wearing those animal hats that look like raccoons and monkeys and such just make me laugh. I’m no fashion expert, but this, “never never land/lost boys look,” to me, just screams… “i have developmental issues.”

  103. Yodia25

    You are absolutely right… some of people may forgot of how old they are (including me), I almost buy those ear hoodies just because they’re so… CUUTE! But anyway, I didn’t buy it.. I bought netbook instead. Remembering when I was child almost leaded me to buy some childish things, but fortunately I could pull myself together. xixixixi

    And about headphone around thy neck.. err… if I meet someone wearing it, it looks weird especially when thy just wear it daily to look cool. But if my friends wear it with the same reason… err.. it will be very awkward. It’s okay if they’re going to use it later (I mean, when thy meets someone thy knows then they have an interesting chat, it’s okay to put it around the neck, afterward put it on again to listen hip hop music, or classic), but it’s rather uncommon if make it as a fashion.

    Just add little bit of my point of view… 😉

    • Hi again Yodia! I’m glad to hear you resisted buying the ear hoodie…no I’m not! Go buy one. Your number of friends will go up exponentially.

      Thanks for the comments, lady! Having fun checking out your blog as well. : )

  104. the entire concept of fashion is way over my head i have been wearing the same cut lee jeans since i was a kid and i have 2 piles of shirts, T-shirts that can be worn at work and a pile that can not be worn at work.

    it really makes getting dressed in the morning really simple pants from pile a and shirt from pile b, put on my boots and out the door.

    unlike my wife who needs to turn on the lights at 6:15 am, even though i don’t need to get up till 9am, lay stuff out and then spend god only knows how long picking what t0 wear.

  105. I love this. Funny as hell, and very true. I agree because I am a walking fashion disaster, and love every minute of it, even if people around me find me weird, hehe 🙂

    • Yeah, I don’t have that kind of confidence. I went through this one phase where I wanted to wear, like, paper boy hats. I bought three of them and it was gonna be my thing. But any time I wore one out I felt like a poser tool…so unbelievably self-conscious. Ultimately I had to quit trying to wear the hats. All that is to say, I admire your confidence immensely!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, Hadass420!

    • No offense taken! I’m all about stupid stuff. It makes up the bulk of my life. Your call is accurate. I recommend you lower these apparent standards you have and start, liking, getting into stupid stuff too. Stupid is the new smart!

  106. For a long time I did not get the vest thing either. Then I bought one. It works! It doesn’t work in really cold weather, but in cool to moderately cold air it’s okay. Your arms are more maneuverable too. Keeping your trunk warm is more important than the arms.

    I was not aware that people intentionally wore headphones around their neck.

    Never heard of an ear hoodie, and I did not know people wore empty glass frames.

  107. At one point young black men were wearing black jackets with skeleton bones covering the front. I think some of us desire to have a year round Halloween, complete with wings, ear hoodies, skeleton jackets and oh, did I mention……skinny jeans for men?!@#

    Great post!

    • I would rock a skeleton jacket. The skinny jeans I’m sort of trying to pull off…not sure how well I’m doing. Bone jacket with skinny jeans…I think I would frighten people. I’d look like a stick figure zombie or something. Don’t put these ideas in my head Blu, it’s bad for me.

      Thanks for the comment!

    • Yeah, it isn’t like no lenses enhances the look. Maybe they don’t want to have to clean the plastic lenses when they get smudges on them.

      Thanks for the comments, MJ. How’s your friend that looks like Princess Di doing? haha

  108. rickijohn

    I am so pleased to annouce i have never owned any of these items! Although I think you are forgetting the famous ‘Snap Backs’ that every guy seems to be wearing now, it looked good at first, but now its just awful!

  109. The fashion in Taiwan is hilarious too. What about the ear hoodie for the cell phones? Are those animal cell phone cases popular in Korea too? Makes you wonder if they cell phone companies are wasting their time making them more compact. They should make a model with large bunny ears.

  110. ptigris213

    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed! I was stationed in Korea for two years. I had the best times in my life there and still like the people, the culture, and most especially the food.
    But you are right…their fashion sense is no better than our kids.

  111. I’m also in Korea and can’t stand the glasses sans lenses. I asked a bartender why she wore them once and she said it was her alternative to wearing makeup.

    But I’m really leaving a comment to share my million dollar idea. It’s even better than the “Jump To Conclusions Mat” in the movie “Office Space”.


    Tell me that shit wouldn’t sell.

  112. Ear Hoodies have certainly taken many attractive women and turned them into a feeling of guilt for men whom are now weirded out by being attracted to a child’s style of hood. Headphones around the neck was an interesting addition. Other than the big cans which are obnoxious, even when I see someone with buds around their neck I seem to always note them. Like what are you getting at? Are you cooler than me? I feel weird talking to you now, should i just be listening to music instead?

  113. I couldn’t agree with you more. The only other fashion disaster accessory that annoys the heck out of me is the Robocop-wanna-be wearing a monster bluetooth everywhere. I mean, seriously, if you want to be a phone operator that badly, go work for Verizon or Dell. Maybe then I can stop dealing with Ahmed in Dubai for all of my communication needs. I once dated a man who insisted on wearing his bluetooth everywhere…even while we were at a five-star restaurant having a lovely dinner. I finally stopped dealing with him when he wore it while trying to get me “in the mood.” UGH!

  114. ya know why we wear head phones around our neck? cause theres no where else to put them! there to big for pockets, and its simple and easy cause you can go right back to listning to music after you say bye to friends. so ok im a duche for liking music and having headphones? ok your cool. the rest i agree with though lol

  115. This is were I get annoyed at myself for not just letting things go, firstly, the coat thing. They are very popular over here in the UK and the design is really to do with the fact that it keeps your core warm, it’s not really meant for freezing cold weather, more for days when it’s a little chilly. I’ve worn one, a lot, they are brillaintly comfortable and very, very warm. The no arms thing isn’t really a problem. secondly, the headphones thing I sort of agree with, and sort of don’t. If you find that ear buds break too often you may decided to use the full sized headphone, and unless you keep them around your neck they stand a good chance of being damaged in a bag, and just won’t fit in pockets.
    The glasses, I have to completely agree, only on hallooween or at a costume party can someone wear fake glasses. The rest of the time it’s just strange and impracticle in my opinion. I love the ear hoodies though, I have not seen them before! What’s wrong with still loving adorable and slight childish items, I went to see Lion King 3D the other month, it was entirely teenagers in the cinema! There is something about disney and small furry animals that is simply irresistable, and also disney is hilarious to watch when you’re older because you get all the jokes you missed previously, but not I’m rambling so I’ll shut up. Fantastically written article though, shows real talent as a writer and I’m defiantly going to try and keep up with what you post. I say try… I have very little of a social life so I probably won’t have much difficulty… but anyway, well done!

  116. I agree with you on the headphones around your neck. Even better yet, when I’m working at my job (I work at a movie theater at concessions) I have customers come up with their ear buds in acting really bad ass with whoever they are with and letting them order for them. It irritates me so much. Why are you coming to a movie theater with ear buds in? Come in you’re seeing a movie!

  117. A_Luvn_Writer

    This was totally hilarious!! I feel the need to join your website. I just loved your thoughts. Oh my gosh, I laughed to many times at that, “I’m sorry, miss, but I’m going to need to see some identification. Oh, you’re 17…under law I can’t allow you to purchase this item.” That just made me ROFL, and SMH, AND LOL, AND LIRLZ!! TOO much, too much, hilarious, I feel the need to say what I just said all over again.

  118. I live in the UK and we suffer exactly the same problem — although if I were writing this same article over here in England, I’d probably substitute ‘ear hoodies’ for ‘wearing skinny jeans halfway down your legs’ … which should definitely be outlawed.

    But anyway, this was a hilarious read, brilliant idea ❤

  119. Ha. Random quirky stuff. Been ill for a few days and that post really made me laugh. People do wear some odd things don’t they? Brighton (UK) is full of odd-dressers so I guess I’m used to it.

  120. You are absolutely hilarious! Love this. And love how you’re just so yourself and dont care what anybody else says! – Show some love and visit my blog too! We have it in common that we’re individualistic. Indie x x

  121. BernieLuvsEllen

    Yup. I live in a circle of friends that are exactly this. Each one seems to show off the looks that are quite unique. Well. I just don’t know what to say. People like Lady Gaga for a reason and she wears meat.

  122. Totally agree with Exhibit C. I had Lasik a year ago, and then was like “Damn, I miss my cute glasses.” And people keep saying, “Oh, just get some fake glasses or something.” But it just seems wrong. Definitely not going to pay several grand so that I don’t have to wear real glasses, and then pay $20 for fake glasses. No matter how cute they are.

  123. I can’t say that I agree 100%, because…I’m the girl that takes her glasses off to read things.. Yes, I’m a fake glasses wearer, because I’ve just always liked how I looked in glasses, BUT I have 20/20 vision. Life is soo hard, isn’t it?

    However, this blog cracked me all the way up, and I can’t agree more that fashion is…ridiculous? Is that what I man to say? I mean, the only reason I don’t wear vests is because I don’t understand them..

    Glasses without prescription are just silly, BUT they make me cute 🙂

    I’m drunk from cold medicine. The moral of the story is: I really liked this blog, and didn’t want to “Like” it.

  124. haha! I’m a huge fan and avid supporter of vests and you are completely right, your arms do get kind of cold but that’s what wool sweaters and leather jackets are for! As long as your neck is warm and you have gloves you’re golden. You should try it! 😉

  125. totally agree with C ! glasses should be reserved for those with visual problems – we’re aloud to look smart and sexy in them! To make up for the lack of 20/20 vision!

    you people who where frames without lenses piss me off + look totally dumb and please don’t try put on glasses with fake lenses either, stick to wearing sunglasses if you wanna look cool lol

  126. I recently wore a splint/sling combo around ( legitimately, for the record ) and went into a little state of mourning when the time came to remove both and go back to being a boring-looking healthy person again.

    This entire post is hilarious. I only wish you included more!

  127. I was totally enjoying your post, and agreeing, and doing that little chuckle thing, half to myself. I called a friend who was sitting across the room over to my computer to read the post with me. I’ve seen some of this around the States where I live.
    Then I got to see the line “disgusting Westerner.” Wow, don’t really know what to say about that. Instant deflation. Guess you were getting a little mean.

    • Hi Frugal! I’m going to repeat what I wrote before in regards to that phrase, because I think in my mind it has context but that context is rooted specifically in living overseas. There’s a small group of Western men who come to Asia specifically to have sex with Asian girls or to find themselves an Asian bride. In that little part of the post, I was writing about the whole Asian fetish thing, but I guess I didn’t make that clear enough. If I’m walking down the street and I see an old white guy with a much younger Asian woman, it creeps me out. So when I said “disgusting Westerner,” I was referring to those people. They are disgusting and I don’t care about being nice to them, although I’m sorry that some readers have taken that phrase to be a swipe at all Western people. Of course not – I’m American and, though disgusting in my own ways, I’m not by any means ashamed of that.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment! Love ya!

      • The Fool

        Maybe they’re soul mates? If he’s got an Asian Chick fetish, she’s probably got the White Expat fetish. I just hope he doesn’t run out of cash. And that she doesn’t run out of botox, although it’s probably not a problem since it’s South Korea we’re talking about, mecca of plastic surgery and all that.

        One of my Korean housemates wears those huge glasses even those she’s beautiful without them (no plastic surgery for this one). I can forgive the cute-eared hoodies, actually, so long as it situationally appropriate (no Mr. Governator with bunny ears please). But those aren’t so bad, really. You should look up pokemon kigurumi.

      • Thanks for clearing that up – and I have gotta say, I see your point – old guys with any young girls, for the most part, creep me out, and old women, too, with young guys. But if I ever get a 18 year old boyfriend (I’m a grandmother,) now I’ll know to dress him in a kitty hoody…

  128. haha…i totally understand your headphones exhibit.
    but i wear my headphones around my neck because, frankly, i can’t put the ones i have in my pocket, and i don’t have a bag with me anywhere, so i put them around my neck because i have to, not because i want to. wanted to put that out there.

    • I agree. I also wear headphones around my neck for practicality. I can’t wear those earbud things, because they make my ears hurt even at low volumes. Being a girl, I do often carry a bag, but when I’m only taking them off for a short time – say, listening for announcements at the station, or bumping into a friend and stopping to talk – it’s easier than stopping to pulling them off, especially as they get tangled when i just put them in my bag.

  129. Interesting and funny post. I just went to a dub step outdoor rave party here in Hawaii and I felt as if I were surrounded by Ewoks the whole night. Everyone was either wearing the hoodie embellished with ears or some furry hat version. Since I thought I was surrounded by what seemed to be only 15 year olds they were substantially shorter than me and therefore seemed like Ewoks. Oddly enough, a majority of the cute raver girls were wearing what seemed to be a trendy rave outfit here in a Hawaii, a mix of shiny sparkly American Apparel booty shorts, fishnets, Britney Spears (I’m a Slave For You Britney) Bedazzled Bras and get this…….fake glasses! It was a hideous sight to behold but more than half of the girls were dressed like this. I’m also not a fan of the dj headphones look but mostly see dudes at the gym sporting the look or art students, to which I usually air scratch some vinyl as soon as I walk by them. Lastly, I have to disagree with the “coat with no arms”. They are called vests. Although I do not wear the puffed up A&E or North Face versions, they do usually serve a function and I have yet to see someone wear them with nothing on underneath, especially on a cold day.

  130. I must be really old because I remember kids in the 80s doing the fake eye-glasses in order to be chic nerdy. Art student-wannabes were either trying to attract the MIT-type students or simply trying to be different than their peers who didn’t have to wear glasses… (I was one of those that had to). While at the time I thought it insulting, later on I sort of found it amusing that someone was actually trying to imitate something that I had to do.

    The headphones? Yeah, it’s a bit douchey, but chances are if you get close enough you’ll probably hear their music playing instead. I’ve caught that on occasion when wandering about the world and my not actually having my earbuds in and listening to my own music. Then again, how much different was it from the douchey of the 80s and parts of the 90s with the big boom boxes carried on one’s shoulders playing hip-hop and rap so loud that it can be heard 2 blocks away?

    The rest? Well as a wiser female impersonator once said, “life is one big drag show. Make the most of it by being fabulously different.” Be it teddy bear, or cat ears — kids nowadays like our generation before them, our parents generation before us and so on down through the ages, are trying to define their generation’s individuality by… well these little furry nonsense sweatshirts. I mean how much worse can it be than flannel shirts tied around one’s waists, grungy unwashed hair and backwards baseball caps of the 90s, Parachute pants of the 80s, flairs and bell bottoms of the 60s and 70s… Greaser looks (and poodle skirts) of the 50s?

    Congrats on Your Freshly Pressed!

  131. chunter

    Just wanted to add a quick word regarding people who wear heavy snow boots in climates where it never snows. You know who you are.

  132. Who cares what people wear, it brings a bit of colour to the world. And they’re not hurting anyone. I myself wear big headphones, over my ears to listen to music, but sometimes when I’m walking the battery runs out, and if I have no bag to put them in I put them around my neck.
    Also I see a guy all the time pushing a bike around, in silk boxer shorts. And a lady with a beard who obviously does not wear a bra. I’m just glad these people wear anything at all!

  133. Constance

    About the headphones, perhaps there is no where else to put them. As a college student, I listen to music while walking through campus using my stage headphones (for an in-ear monitor), I dont want to put them in my backpack when Im not using them because they are expensive and I do not want them to break. I certainly do not do it to “look cool”. It is purely for function. Perhaps thats why many others may do it as well.

  134. I am behind you 100% ! My daughter asked me for the “vest” and I don’t understand why you want a jacket that won’t keep you warm…..it is crazy! and the other three should go without saying, but we have all seen them walking through the mall. Love your blog!

  135. TeeJott

    … I agree with what you said about glasses… BUT what about the quite big number of people who are in fact short-sighted and have before been wearung contactlenses and then, because of a fashion-trend, go “back” to glasses again!!! this is a grey area 🙂
    oh, by the way: sunglasses ! … there are a lot of sunglass-haters out there – I do not understand why … in old venice the chic people wore masks to dress for a party today people wear sunglasses so its tradition… 🙂

  136. Ha ha, funny and pretty true! However, I may not be the first one who’s going to disagree with the “sleeveless coat”… I mean, come on, anybody with a pseudo-education knows that the body isn’t the same temperature everywhere, therefore not every body part needs to be kept equally warm. The torso needs much more warmth than the arms or legs, and if you care so much about keeping your arms warm, why don’t you worry as much about keeping your face warm? Poor face never gets any attention, yet it’s not only uncovered by any coat, sleeveless or not, but your *skin* is directly exposed to the freezing air… But watcha gonna do? You can’t go out like a mummy… It’s impractical.

  137. Oh my. Took the words right out of my mouth. My brother is a headphones-around-the-neck wearer, and it drives me up the bend. You’re not even listening to music! At least put them in your hipster satchel, for crying out loud!

  138. Haha, the ‘sleeveless jacket’ – absolutely despise them. People call them Gilets in the UK. Pronounced in a french ‘jeelaay’ way, maybe to make them sound more sophisticated or something… who knows. Either way, they’re very expensive and absolutely ridiculous.

  139. jediroara

    interesting looks. I actually like the teddy bear hoodie… for my five year old. The wings on the other hand are definitely the kind of oddball thing I’d wear on cold drizzly Texas nights in with the family. I only wear oddball stuff around them. in the real world I dress to blend in and disappear.

  140. I agree with you on those. I’ve never seen the ear hoodie, but I don’t get when people wear the hoods of their hoodies up inside. It’s not raining in here, put it down. I don’t understand fashion, either. And the things I want to wear are either sloppy or old-fashioned. If I could wear what I wanted, I’d go around in Renaissance Faire outfits, top hats, or my Paper Mario pajamas. But, society won’t let me, even though they allow ear hoodies and neck headphones.

  141. Allie Hawes

    I found this blog extremely interesting. I also do fashion blogging and, although I look for trends or statements within the fashion industry, I cant help but relate to what you are saying. While there are so many unique styles out there, people have really started to express themselves in very unique ways (most of which you touched on in this article). Makes you think: where did that all start?

  142. I have to agree with the sleeveless coat. I am all for vests but when they become puffy, they make people look…well not so cool.
    You did forget wearing uggs with shorts, wearing crocs, and the snookie hairdo.

  143. *waves hand* I’m an adult and I recently ordered a parka with ear hoodies. I couldn’t help myself; it was SO cute and I have always wanted one. The ears are understated, though, and hopefully no one pops me on the back of the head for wearing one. Heh.

  144. Grunge Du Terroir

    wing hoodies may be more retro than retro but what’ll really make you flu are winged shoes! and HELLO they come in gold! Can’t get any better than that

    google it! (if i post the link i’ll get spammed and everyone knows spam is gross)

  145. KYjilly

    Hey – this was funny! I had to laugh about the vest/coat/no-arm thing, because after years of living in Idaho (where sporty hippies abound), I still can’t manage to spend the same amount of money for a puffy vest as a puffy coat! I’m way too cold! I hike, ski, and other random things outside but I promise you that I can only think of a time or two when a vest would cut it. But girls in the Northwest wear them everywhere, even out to dinner. Maybe it would be less offensive if more of them shaved their armpits. Who knows!

  146. This post made me think and laugh at the same time.
    It’s kinda complicated to be objective, my oppinion is that you got to have the right attitude, so you can wear those things and not be weared by them.

    Also the age is VERY importan