The Versatile Blogger Post – Rules Not Fully Followed


Last December, I had a big stupid crush on a girl.  I wouldn’t want to trample on her privacy, so instead of saying her real name, let’s just called her “Goofy Face.”  That seems like a nice nickname, one that protects her integrity and doesn’t come off as bitter or anything.  One night, Goofy Face and I didn’t have anything to do, so she asked me to show her my writing journals.  I did, and after reading my rambling she told me that I should start a blog.  That seemed like a silly idea, as I had never even seen a blog before and didn’t know anything about it.  Anyways, a few days later Goofy Face dumped me like a full ashtray.  In a move of sheer desperation, I thought that if I actually started a blog – as she suggested – maybe she would read it and want to talk again.

It was a pitiful, despicable move.  And it didn’t work.  But now, about a year later, writing my little blog is one of my favorite hobbies.  In the past few months, I’ve really gotten into the whole blogging thing and have been having a lot of fun reading other peoples’ blogs as well.  There are a ton of really talented, funny, and unique voices out here on WordPress.  I’d gotten this Versatile Blogger thing once before and ignored it like a big jerkstore; today I got it again and this time I want to use it as an opportunity to acknowledge some of the blogs that have entertained me so much.

Now, there are rules that come with this Versatile Blogger Award.  I’m supposed to say seven unknown facts about myself, give shout outs to 15 blogs, and then inform those bloggers, who are supposed to name 15 bloggers, etc.  Instead, I’m just going to give shout outs to the blogs I really like…the seven surprise things will have to wait, and we’ll see if I follow through on the informing part.  Actually, maybe we can pull seven things from that opening paragraph:

  1. I’m straight (do I seem a little hung up on that?  homophobic!)
  2. I liked a girl called Goofy Face
  3. Drawing a conclusion from #2, I have bad taste in women.
  4. I didn’t know what a blog was until December
  5. Expanding on #4, I live under a rock
  6. I didn’t just like a girl called Goofy Face, I was dumped by her as well
  7. I’m an idiot, because I still know Goofy Face and this post is going to get me in a lot of trouble (I’m not kidding…this framing device was bad fucking idea…oh well!)

That was fun!  But here’s the important part…below are some blogs I really enjoy reading:

The Understander – This guy found me, and I’m happy about that because his blog is HILARIOUS.

A Girls Attempt – I like this one.  I feel it gives me insights into the female perspective.

Munteng – Cool little blog with interesting ideas.

Stupid Ugly Foreigner – All about living and teaching in South Korea.  Great writing.

On Hyperborea: Ideas From the North – Well thought out essays on various topics.

Renxkyoko’s Space – Had to put it.  It’s a fave.

The Pink Underbelly – Very good blog written by an amazing woman.

The Deep Friar – Funny.  I like it.

An American in North Korea – Well done and interesting subject matter.

I’m On the Bandwagon – Great premise.  Really funny.

That’s not 15…it’s 10.  But I’m happy with that list.  Let’s not bloat it.

I received my Versatile Blogger message from The Rhyming Med Student.  Check him out.  One last shout out to The Wuc, who nominated me before.

Happy blogging, everyone!  Now, it’s Friday night and I need to go drink some cheap Korean beer.  : )



13 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Post – Rules Not Fully Followed

  1. Ahahahah ! I just knew you couldn’t describe / categorize my blog ! ! But thanks a bunch for the shout-out ! ! I’ve been nominated too twice yesterday, but I don’t know what to do. Am I suppose to list my favorites, like you just did ? That sux. How can I list a few? I like all the rest too . They will kill me ! LOL\\

    Oh, by the way….. you still like that girl…. * hums *

    • Yeah, how would someone describe your blog? I like it because it’s creative and well-written and sparks ideas for me to write about. But you’re actually more “topicless” than I am, I think!

      Do I still like that girl? Let’s just say I’m planning to serenade her sometime soon. Just kidding. No, no feelings there – she’s a good person and wishin’ her all the best.

    • I don’t know anything about Oklahoma. I only know there was a musical called “Oklahoma” which I believe the mother from the Patridge Family is in.

      Walmart is something to be proud of. It serves a purpose. Everyone hates things that benefit people who don’t have money – Republicans hate welfare and Liberals hate Walmart. I love both of them. Is Walmart perfect? No, of course not. But it does some good, and for that I give it credit. Yay Walmart!

      Well that was a strange tangent…

    • Haha – I don’t know. The girl in question is around but we don’t communicate much…so I think I’m safe, but if I run into her at a bar or something, maybe I’ll find out otherwise.

      Love your glasses, Riz. They give you this cute ET look. You’re from the Philippines also, eh? Can’t wait to go there in January. Anyways, thanks for the comment – it was a fun one. : )

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