Off the Beaten Path: Jeju Love Land Sex Park


Located in the amorous heart of Jeju Island, “Love Land” is an appropriately named theme park, at least as long as you define lots and lots of hot sex as “love.” Jeju Island is famous for being a romantic getaway for Korean couples, and so having a sexually themed park makes some sense. About a decade ago, a bunch of artists from Seoul’s Hongik University ventured over to the island, where they created numerous art pieces, and by “art pieces,” I mean statues of sexy parts.

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what the expected response to “Love Land” is supposed to be. Upon entering (for around $9 bucks a pop), a person is immediately greeted by a big green penis pointing you in the right direction, and that right direction is marked by a big silver naked woman.

The park consists of about every bit of sexual lunacy one could think of. Most sculptures are big, dreamy visions of genitals, copulating couples, or other anatomical absurdity. A lot of the pieces encourage a hands on approach, as a sex park should, allowing visitors to join in the pornographic merriment.

Yes, that’s me in the throes of ecstasy with a pink woman who appears to be feeling me up. At some point, probably around the time we were in the gift shop surrounded by dildos, my girlfriend turned her emotionless face towards me and said, “This place is for perverts.” Truth be told, I was the one who suggested we go to Love Land, and when she said that I kind of giggled nervously. Did visiting this place and, worse, enjoying it make me a pervert? Perhaps. More likely, there’s still a bit of a 14-year-old doofus alive inside of me that gawks at and is fascinated by sex.

And probably that’s the appeal of Love Land. I don’t know that an actual pervert would enjoy himself here (note the assumption that the pervert is male), as a dirty movie theater or strip joint would probably be preferable. This is more for that giddy immature side most of us have; the side that was dominant around 12 years old or so, before sex became real and adult and serious and stuff.

Whatever. Where else can you be held by the big gay silver surfer? Jeju Love Land is an odd place, but at the end of the day my girlfriend and I enjoyed ourselves. It was a fun hour we spent there, before we went back to being mature, which is great and all, just not quite as colorful.