10 Facts That Will Hopefully Get This Blog Nicely Re-Booted


blog pop art worried manUm, hey. What’s happening?

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? We should, like, catch up or something. Really it’s my fault. All my fault. I’ve been distant and I realize that. It’s just…I’ve been busy. No, really, I have been. Yeah, I know I’ve used that line before, said it a million times in the past, but this time it’s true. For once I’m not lying.

It's technically impossible not to love MJ at least a little bit.

It’s technically impossible not to love MJ at least a little bit.

What’s that? You don’t care? You’ve lost interest? Well, I can understand that. It’s sort of like Guns ‘N Roses, how all those years passed and by the time Chinese Democracy came out, nobody really cared anymore. And I don’t want to be that. I don’t want to be Chinese Democracy. No, I’d rather be more like Michael Jackson, disappear for a long time and then be widely embraced when the new material finally surfaces. In fact, I’m listening to “Love Never Felt So Good” right now. Just to put me in an optimistic mind set. And I’m even dancing. Trust me, if you could see it, you’d love me for sure.

Just FYI: Paradise City is on a different album.

Just FYI: Paradise City is on a different album.

Huh? Say what? You loved Chinese Democracy? Thought it was the best record of 2008? Wow. Seriously?

Oh, I get it. You were just being sarcastic. You always were such a joker. It might take awhile to get your sense of humor again. It’s so dry. But things will work out. Trust me, they will. Now let me fill you in a bit on what’s happened over the last year. Just, you know, in case you’re curious. And I’ll make it snappy. Ten quick facts, shorts burst of truth, that encapsulate the last 12 months nicely.

1. I am indeed alive.

2. I still live in China.

3. I like China now. It’s cool. I’m even going to stay here another year.

4. While it may seem as though I haven’t been writing much, that would actually be untrue. I’ve written a lot. Boatloads.

5. In fact, I’ve written so much, I’ve completed a novel. Well, not totally completed it, but it’s mostly done. I’m sure that if I just tinker with a few sentences here and there, it’ll be perfect. A masterpiece!

'I found it to be the kind of book that once you put it down you never want to pick it up again.'6. This wasn’t the novel I set out to write. Not even close. I sort of wrote two novels…but the first one was so bad, I had to jump ship. The second one is good. In all honesty, I think it’s really good. A masterpiece!

7. Writing a novel is such an intense, agonizing, fantastic experience. Everybody should do it. You reach such a level of catharsis when it’s all over…it’s unexplainable. Better than any therapy you’ll ever pay for. Believe me. Knowing that you’ve completed something, such a personal and arduous task, will cleanse your mind in ways you didn’t think possible.

8. I won’t say much more about the novel in this post. I will in future posts. This blog will definitely not become about the novel or about the writing process in general, but, as I begin to enter the phase of trying to publish it, I think some people might be interested in what happens. Sending it out to agents. Trying to get it read. Perhaps having to self-publish the thing. It could be interesting, especially when you go ahead and write that novel you really should be writing now. The one you’ve always wanted to write. So every now and again there will be novel updates. Hopefully the tale does not turn out to be tragic. Although, if it does, that could make for decent material, because everybody enjoys stories of failure.

9. Topiclessbar will go back to regular posts starting this week.

10. The posts will be funny, entertaining, reflective, easy to relate to, enjoyable, purposeful, and worth reading. This is a new beginning. There’s much to be discussed.

So that’s about it. Come back in a couple days. I’ll have a nice piece about visiting Korea up and ready to go. And two days after that, I’ll post that thing I wrote about the hippie couple I inadvertently stalked in Bali. This is going to be fun. I can even fix you a cocktail to sip on while you read if you’d like.

I’ll let you get back to whatever you were doing now. But I hope you decide to stop by again.

Trying to make sense of this crazy thing called life is too difficult, so let’s just laugh at it together.



16 thoughts on “10 Facts That Will Hopefully Get This Blog Nicely Re-Booted

    • No kidding! That’s really cool. I mean, not for Google Reader, but the rest of your comment. Glad to have you back, Kohlconall, and on another note, that cat in your picture looks a lot like my old cat and it’s freaky. : D

      • Thanks for the follow! Yeah, I just got an email saying there was a new post from topiclessbar; I didn’t even know I got email alerts, but it was pretty cool. Neat about the cat too; my pen name is anonymous, so when I needed a picture I thought “Well, hell, I’ll just use my cat as my face.”

  1. Hey Bill — no joke, I was thinking yesterday or the day before that I should check to make sure I’m still subscribed to your blog cause I hadn’t see anything in so long. I think I sensed the post coming. Great to see your thoughts again 🙂

  2. Hey Bill, glad to see you’re sill alive and kicking! Congrats on the novel, being alive and enjoying China! Looking forwards to your stories. 😀

  3. Novel I should be writing? Hey, I AM in the process of writing it. It’s just a slow burn.

    #9 has me salivating. We missed you, topicless.

    Oh and good to hear that you’ve caught the Chinese rhythm, since it sort of sounded like you were unhappy in some of your earlier China posts.

    • Thanks for the kind words! And yes, I went through a bit of a dark period over the last year…I feel like writing has been the thing that pulled me out. And also, yes, get to writing yourself. You will feel like a million bucks once you get that first novel out of your system!

  4. Impybat

    Whatwhatwhat! I want to read your novel so bad. I am also writing but it’s Nightbreed/Cabal (Clive Barker) fanfic. I’m so glad you’re posting again!

    • Yes, hopefully the novel will be readable shortly. That doesn’t mean available, that means people would theoretically be able to read it but not actually reading it because I might decide it needs changing. Anyways, that’s awesome that you’re writing fanfiction – there seems to be a market for that and it also seems incredibly fun. Keep on keeping on, Impy!

  5. Hey, welcome back! I started writing a novel once. Then I started another one. And another one. Can you see the theme developing here?
    I’m working on the theory that if I never finish anything, I’ll never die. See, because my life will never finish either. Here’s my evidence: I once had a dog that didn’t do much at all apart from sleep and eat. Everytime it went to sleep it would finish sleeping and wake up. It would also finish every meal we ever gave it. It took 12 years but it eventually died. Finished. Caput.

    I’m starting to suspect there is a flaw in my logic. Not sure, just a hunch. 😉

    But seriously, keep it up and don’t be discouraged.
    Looking forward to more humour from you!
    Now I’m off to practice what I preach…

    • Haha. Yes, obviously completing tasks is what killed the dog. I think you’re on to something. On the topic of writing, I know exactly what you’re talking about. There’s something about the excitement and enthusiasm when you first start writing and working on a project…and how that dwindles so much at some point, usually when it’s about 3/4 done. The frustration sets in, and then I typically, instead of working through the frustration, will just get excited about some new project and start up on that. Good to hear from you, Richard. Let’s see which one of us finishes something first! And dies! (jk)

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