The Sheep Cafe: Cause Nothin’ Complements a Latte like Livestock


As a fan of random, pointless things, I was drawn to Seoul’s “Thanks Nature Cafe.” With all these Starbucks everywhere, little independently owned establishments need a gimmick to survive, and the Thanks Nature Cafe has…well…a unique one. Mixing high-end coffee with a small herd, the cafe is home to not just one, but two (yes two!) sheep, who live in a pen right outside the front door. Why? Don’t ask questions like that. Just drink your coffee and behold the wonderful sheep decor the interior boasts.

blog sheep coffee

blog sheep picture

The sheep live in a small fenced off enclosure, down in the center area between the coffee shop and a few stores. There’s a little doghouse (sheephouse?) for them to go in when they feel they’re lacking privacy. In the summer, the weather gets too hot for them to handle and the sheep are taken away. I’m not sure if this hurts business, but one would guess it would, just as removing the animals living in other coffee shops likely diminishes their revenues as well.

blog sheep hanging out

What more is there to say about the Sheep Cafe? Um, not a whole lot. I’m told that the place makes visiting Australians feel at home, and that the cafe owners frown upon shearing. Really, though, I’m happy places like this exist. As much as I love Starbucks, it hasn’t exactly helped in making life less boring. Take Starbucks and its copy-cat knocks-offs and add them to all the ubiquitous corner stores and supermarkets and fast food joints. Human consumption has gotten really dull, the art of sitting in a chair at a table and putting something in one’s face. At least by having the two awkward sheep outside, I felt like I was experiencing something different. Taking part in a special happening, including myself in a hip scene.

blog sheep statues

I read on that sheep can recognize each other and can also recognize human faces. In addition to making me want to write a really bad mystery story (picture this – police lineup of criminals, a sheep brought in to identify the murderer), knowing this makes me want to go back to the Sheep Cafe. I want to be recognized. I want the Starbucks girl to tell me apart from the other customers, but that never seems to happen. Maybe a couple ewes will take the time to notice. It’s a nice thought, isn’t it?

blog sheep face


29 thoughts on “The Sheep Cafe: Cause Nothin’ Complements a Latte like Livestock

  1. love this. Maybe you and Sheepie can be old friends…where do they take them in the summer? hmmmm – in America this would be so protested even though the sheep are super happy and living a great life. Someone would find fault. I think its cool. Weird gimmick…but I like it!!! Nothing like eye contact eh???

    • I guess the sheep go back to the farm in the summer. I dunno. Maybe they go live in an ice cream parlor. Yeah, I could see PETA or something saying this is animal abuse. They really should focus on more important things…like those underage sheep brothels.

      Peace out Speedo!

  2. Nice gimmick! I am sure sheer curiosity would buy them some customers. I am a Starbucks junkie, but I wouldn’t mind making some sheeps’ heads turn once in a while! BTW, not to be a bear (too much animal language, I know), but did you mean ‘complement’ in the title of your post?

  3. judithsmarkworld

    It would be challenging if anything to write a sheep related murder mystery. But it would the first of its kind. So for that i would read it. btw, is it me or the sheep in the last pic is striking a pose for the camera? 😉

    • Haha. I meant to also go to the new Toilet Museum while I was in Korea a few weeks back, but got too lazy. That would’ve made for a good, slightly disgusting blog entry.

      Thanks for saying ‘ello, World Wife! : D

  4. Hahaha that would be an awesome mystery novel with the sheep as an eyewitness!
    What an. …interesting idea for a cafe lol. Sure, I’ll go have a cup of coffee there =P

    • Yeah, the sheep has to, like, go up to each person in the lineup one by one, with dramatic music in the background. Then it’ll approach the killer, and he’ll be all sweaty and nervous, and the sheep will pause…and then…BAAAAAA!!!!!! And as soon as the sheep identifies him, the killer takes off running. Oh, this is too exciting.

      I would also like a scene where the sheep is sitting next to one of those sketch artists, and he’s nodding his head with this super detailed drawing on the paper.

      Wow, I need a life. Good to see you, Janice! Enjoy the coffee!!!

  5. You’re getting Australian’s mixed up with New Zealanders. They’re into the sheep. We Aussies might feel at home with kangaroos lazing around on the floor or pussums growling at us from the rafters. Sheep would just remind us of farms. Unless it was near Australia Day…

    • I see. Hmm, I thought I remembered an Aussie telling me there are more sheep than people in Australia. Maybe it was New Zealand…or maybe you’ve just grown so accustomed to sheep, you block them out. Or maybe you just plain hate sheep. How could you Richard?

      Possums growling from the rafters? That is horrifying.

    • LOL! That is AWESOME! The latte wouldn’t even have to be good. If it is sheep made, I will come back every day of my life.

      Excellent to hear from you, Pink! This comment made my day. : D

  6. Oppa, how do you compare China with S. Korea? Are there Starbucks there too > Or Starbucks copy, like Starbacks? Right now, I’m mad at them… it’s all over here about that thing posted at one of the restaurants there…. No Japanese, Vitenamese, Filipinos, DOGS allowed here. They are just doing what the Brirish did to them. No Chinese and dogs allowed here.

    Amd they’ve been cyber hacking the US, especially companies like Coke, etc,…. maybe they want to copy Coke secret recipes.

    • Hi Ren! I can’t compare the two, because I’m living in a desolate woodland area and have been too broke to go into downtown Beijing, which is about an hour and a half from me (also, I’ve been a weather wuss – waiting for it to get a little warmer). So I haven’t really seen enough of China to compare. I hear I missed out on a wicked sandstorm this weekend though.

      Yes, I’ve read about the hacking! On a slightly related note, I finally forked over the money for a VPN and it was the best decision ever. WordPress and Facebook are back! Sweet! Maybe I’ll try hacking into Coke now! : D

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