Fun Share: Short Animation Film “A New Machine”


A New Machine from Tony Clavelli on Vimeo.

Today is almost like a guest post, as I’m sharing the animated short film “A New Machine” made by my friend Tony Clavelli. By day, Tony teaches English here in Korea, and by night…or maybe evening…mid-afternoon perhaps, if classes end early…he makes short animations in his apartment. I have no idea how he does it; I personally decided not to go into stop motion animation after, as a child, I could not produce a proper Play-doh hamburger.

This newest work is about 12 minutes long. It’s about a poor family that lives by the sea, and what happens when the daughter disrupts the order of things, inventing a machine that can do the work her family has traditionally done by hand. It’s lyrical, odd, and worth a look.

So that’s all. Take a look at the film, and it would be extremely cool to leave a ‘like’ or a comment if you enjoyed it. Also, I should point out, Tony C is on my blog roll, and you can click on his name and watch his other animated shorts too.





5 thoughts on “Fun Share: Short Animation Film “A New Machine”

  1. Impybat

    Oh wow, this is really awesome! I love the steampunk elements, too. Was your Play-Doh hamburger perhaps inspired by a certain Van Halen song? ;D

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