Off the Beaten Path: Jeju Love Land Sex Park


Located in the amorous heart of Jeju Island, “Love Land” is an appropriately named theme park, at least as long as you define lots and lots of hot sex as “love.” Jeju Island is famous for being a romantic getaway for Korean couples, and so having a sexually themed park makes some sense. About a decade ago, a bunch of artists from Seoul’s Hongik University ventured over to the island, where they created numerous art pieces, and by “art pieces,” I mean statues of sexy parts.

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what the expected response to “Love Land” is supposed to be. Upon entering (for around $9 bucks a pop), a person is immediately greeted by a big green penis pointing you in the right direction, and that right direction is marked by a big silver naked woman.

The park consists of about every bit of sexual lunacy one could think of. Most sculptures are big, dreamy visions of genitals, copulating couples, or other anatomical absurdity. A lot of the pieces encourage a hands on approach, as a sex park should, allowing visitors to join in the pornographic merriment.

Yes, that’s me in the throes of ecstasy with a pink woman who appears to be feeling me up. At some point, probably around the time we were in the gift shop surrounded by dildos, my girlfriend turned her emotionless face towards me and said, “This place is for perverts.” Truth be told, I was the one who suggested we go to Love Land, and when she said that I kind of giggled nervously. Did visiting this place and, worse, enjoying it make me a pervert? Perhaps. More likely, there’s still a bit of a 14-year-old doofus alive inside of me that gawks at and is fascinated by sex.

And probably that’s the appeal of Love Land. I don’t know that an actual pervert would enjoy himself here (note the assumption that the pervert is male), as a dirty movie theater or strip joint would probably be preferable. This is more for that giddy immature side most of us have; the side that was dominant around 12 years old or so, before sex became real and adult and serious and stuff.

Whatever. Where else can you be held by the big gay silver surfer? Jeju Love Land is an odd place, but at the end of the day my girlfriend and I enjoyed ourselves. It was a fun hour we spent there, before we went back to being mature, which is great and all, just not quite as colorful.



52 thoughts on “Off the Beaten Path: Jeju Love Land Sex Park

  1. This post is kinda like Facebook where I say I “like” something but it doesn’t quite cover my whole impression. I ‘like’ this post in what you wrote about it, the subject matter was properly and maturely treated. 🙂
    The pictures were astounding — I wasn’t quite sure where to look.

    • Hey lady! Thanks, glad you dug the post. Yeah, what I failed to mention is that the place is pretty huge. I mean, I only posted 10 pics out of like 60 I took. It’s a very, very wacky place. I could be wrong but I can’t think of anything comparable in the US.

      Take care, iRiB. : )

  2. judithsmarkworld

    Wow! I never understood the ambiguity of Asians when it comes to sex. They appear to be prudish and yet they have a sex land. Smh. At least both of you enjoyed yourselves. It’s all that matters.

    • Yeah, great point. It is kind of head scratching. For instance, it’s frowned upon here for women to have their shoulders exposed or have cleavage. The upper half is supposed to stay covered. Then, at exactly the same time, women here in Korea wear the shortest skirts you could imagine. So it’s like, “Cover up the top, but show us everything down on the bottom.” Very weird.

      Later Judith! : D

  3. i like watching korean variety shows especially ‘we got married’ so i kinda know jeju’s a great place for honeymooners but i haven’t heard of this place lol. the big statue after the ah green ding-dong looks good.
    anyways the important thing is both of enjoyed yourselves 🙂

    • Can I just say that I love that you called it a “ding dong.” Haha. Is that the phrase you typically use for that part of the body? Ding dong? More importantly, you’re referring to the big naked woman who is touching herself inappropriately, and I liked that one too, mostly because I was impressed by the position she is in. I mean, she’s propping herself up on her toes and her head. Looks uncomfortable, but she seems happy.

      Anyways, that’s for the laugh Isabella. Let me know if you tie the knot and decide to honeymoon here. haha

      • yes, i call it a ding-dong or a peanut. don’t make fun of me i admit i can’t say the p word and besides calling it ding-dong or peanut is hmm well kinda better than calling it something like big john or little johnny?

      • Bahaha – my students call it ‘peanut.’ Is the ‘p word’ penis? Oh, nevermind! I completely agree that it’s better than calling it little johnny. That seems cruel!

    • Hey Jen! I didn’t post ’em anywheres, mostly because a lot of them have my girlfriend in them and she doesn’t want to have her picture on here, especially standing on top of an enormous stone penis. Understandable, I feel.

  4. When people talk about unleashing their immature/childish side, they talk about playing in the park, making pranks, or soap bubbles—they forget the awkward, sexual side. I am glad you guys experienced that for a while. It’s okay to be the pervert for a while, I guess.
    You do have a knack for finding interesting places 🙂

    • “It’s okay to be the pervert for a while, I guess.” Bahahaha. Ok. Yeah, revisiting that awkward and nervous time when sex was as bizarre an idea as going to the moon is cool. I think something like this is the only way one can do that. Like, for instance, I went to a shady sex show in Amsterdam once, and it was fun, but in a very dirty and sleazy way. When it’s not real people, you can kind of giggle at it and have more of a goofy childish sort of reaction.

      Thanks Aparna, I think. haha Actually, I just sort of live in an interesting place, so it ain’t hard. : )

    • Yeah, I didn’t get to see as much of the island as I’d hoped, and to be honest it didn’t seem all that romantic. Really, it seemed kind of like the rest of Korea, just with more impressive nature. Like Seoul with random gardens or beaches plopped down here and there. Definitely nothing like the Philippines in terms of natural beauty.

      Ren, it seems like at least half of the mangas you read traumatize you!

      • Lol. Love the eye things. I have a…hmm…page I guess you would call it…I can go to in my Korean phone when I’m texting that has about 60 different eye emoticon things like that. It’s astonishing. I never knew so many symbols on the keyboards could be made into eyeballs. ~.^

  5. eat your heart out pipty plaids of prey! hahaha
    I think I’d have more fun here than getting past page pive of that pathetic book. Hey can I share this post? pluezzeee….

    • Hello! You know, I should read that. Why not? Cause it sucks, you say? Well, I just want to stay normal and know what people dig. By the way, I like what you’re doing with the p’s. And yes, of course, if you want to share, go for it. That would be awesome – thanks!!!

      • its overrated! that book. Geesshhh… but don’t take it from me because I really didn’t have the patience to finish it. Meanwhile this park! hahaha…

        whatever… 🙂 I’m zipping my lips afraid of being politically incorrect. You know I’m beginning to feel a massive influx of your studentry here 🙂

        The influences of hair, songs, fashion… hey wait! you mean we’re about to be treated with this kind of theme parks too?! OMG

      • Haha – hey, don’t be afraid to be politically incorrect. That’s always fun. Speaking of which, you can always be politically incorrect and make your own sex park. It just requires some public indecency and the acceptance of spending a little time in jail afterwards. Cheers ysobele!

  6. Hi topicless! It’s been a while. I read that disgusting book Fifty as others would call it –> disgusting, but then, I am not like them…hehe…I liked the book, though I understand the sentiments of the other readers who think it’s crap. While reading it, I was like googling everything that I have encountered there that I have no idea about and I was like — O..O — maybe bulging eyes larger than that. However, with the images I have seen above, they are still Art to me…like the one park you posted a few months ago. I hope that big green P is not sick. Hehe… And my fav is that silver woman. I wonder if I can do that. — the position, I mean…wahaha…The woman riding that big P…I remember a friend of mine who said she had a nightmare one time. And I was like, “what happened?” And she said, she’s being chased by a big P. Haha…Well, I told her, that’s not a nightmare but maybe a dream hoping to come true. And I like those two picture of yours. 🙂 Interesting post and place. Cheers! 🙂

    • Jepiner! I know, I’ve missed you!

      I’m going to a bookstore this weekend and getting 50 Shades. It has to be done. As far as the park in the pics, I adore your descriptions! Seriously, what you wrote in the comment is better than anything I wrote in that blog, especially the nightmare/dream hoping to come true bit! I also like that you and Isabella refuse to write ‘penis.’ I’m going to make a complete leap in logic and start assuming that’s a Filipino thing. Although calling it a capital letter P is fantastic!

      Hope you’ve been well, sweetie! Take care. : )

      • Yeah..I’ve missed you too and your writings. It’s just a lot has happened here for the last few wks — the typhoon, the flood and my bestfriend’s wedding. I am just thankful that we were able to survive that heavy rain for almost a week and that landslide not far from our block. Then I screw up with work because I got no internet connection for more than a week.

        I watch lost of Korean movies and tv series and koreanovelas. And I always encounter that Jeju Island. I thought it’s something like Boracay or Palawan Island. Another thing, most korean stories I encounter are very conservative and old fashioned courting and dating and then I’d encounter these types of parks on your blog. I am like…”Woah! Hold on a minute!” Haha…Anyway, I like their themes. It’s unique and going to parks like this doesn’t mean you’re a pervert. Anyway, I believe we all are perverts at a given time. But if I were there, you would see different facial expressions of mine when I see each of those unique sculptures. And I am sure, my imaginative mind will be working its way wondering “how do they do that?” Haha…

        Oh! I’m so excited for you!!! (jumping up and down) Haha… Let me know if you read the book. I read the three books. And I think if you take out all the steamy stuffs, that trilogy will be just a book. Some parts of the books are dragging. But the story is unique. I have never encountered such side of Grey. Anyway, I enjoyed reading it mostly because I encountered lots of things that I am not very much aware of like the musical pieces. I listen to Pachelbel and Mozart but there’s just a lot of versions to their classical pieces and I loved the ones mentioned there. Ok, I’m babbling again. This is what happens when I have not been online for a few weeks. Have a nice day topicless! 🙂

  7. I can now truly admit that i am forever jealous of you purely for the fact that you got to go to a sex-themed art park….and simulate sex with a statue. You are a man of much fortune, my friend. while I….can only dream.

  8. Now this is not something I would have ever expected – let alone in Korea. I don’t know if I would ever go, but it looks like it could be fun. Just to actually see it for myself.

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