Fun Share: Street Boxing in Seoul


Today’s fun share comes from Bucheon.  It’s a video of a US Military guy street boxing a Korean dude.  It irritates me quite a bit, for reasons I will briefly explain later.  First off, here’s the fight:

Okay, that was fun, right?  Let’s do a quick recap: Basically, for a minute and a half, the US Military guy bombards the Korean dude with punches, missing most of them and landing a few but not doing much damage.  The Korean guy offers little to no offense at all, running away, ducking, and dodging the military guy.  You can almost sense the growing frustration on the part of the military guy as the Korean dude keeps running off.

Then something surprising happens.  The Korean guy taunts his opponent by offering his chin, and follows the taunt with a quick left jab to the military guy’s face, knocking him down.  The fight is over.  The military guy wobbles back onto his feet with help of his friends and the crowd cheers the winner.

So…I don’t know…this victory leaves me cold.  For all intents and purposes, I should really appreciate what the Korean guy has done.  He has won due to his smarts, skills, and patience.  That said, I don’t feel it’s much of a win. It’s less convincing than that guy beating Pacquiao last week.  To run away like a scared little kid and then dupe the guy into falling for a sucker punch…that’s not how I’d want to win a boxing match.  If I ever fought in a boxing match, that is.  I’m kind of skinny and lack muscles. I think I would get myself killed if I tried, unless I fought a teenage girl or the house elf from Harry Potter.

I think I could take this guy.

I’ve heard that this Korean guy is actually some sort of professional fighter and that he street boxes for fun and usually doesn’t hit back because he’s not out to hurt anyone.  I don’t know if that’s true; if it is, then I take everything back.  If you’re a real, trained fighter, than I’m sorry, Korean dude.  Don’t hurt me!

Otherwise, it’s whack.  There are ethics to fighting, and I don’t see them on display here.  No, it’s not about winning pretty, and I understand that simply winning is the most important thing.  Still, the way you win IS important. Maybe the lesson to the youth is that there’s a great sense of satisfaction in earning a victory.  You feel good about yourself by winning the right way, you don’t leave any doubt in people’s minds, and, most importantly, no skinny wimp ends up criticizing you in a blog.

(Quick shout out to Rayner and Shanell for posting the video.)

(Note on Accuracy: I have been made aware, via my girlfriend, that Bucheon is actually not in Seoul, but in Gyeonggi Province, between Seoul and Incheon.  I suppose I should, therefore, change the title to “Street Boxing in Gyeonggi Province…but that’s not too catchy.)



18 thoughts on “Fun Share: Street Boxing in Seoul

  1. AFBsax

    Well idunno, teenage girls are vicious sometimes. And the house elf knows some serious magic. I think it would be better off if you didn’t fight anyone.

    • Yeah, point well taken. I’ll have to start learning magic pronto. You know what they say, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” Maybe one day I can join up with the house elves. It would be such a great personal transformation to go from wimp to elf.

      Good to hear from you, Sax!

    • Impybat

      I have to echo what AFBsax says, having at one time been a teenage girl (who never fought but was and still is prone to wild mood swings.) Plus, Dobby says, “Topiclessbar must NOT do any Korean or house elf street fighting! You would be in serious danger!”

      • Haha – Is Dobby the house elf? I don’t know anything about Harry Potter, I must admit. I typed “skinny creature” into Google, hoping they would provide me with a punchline for the joke, and the house elf is what I got. He’s rather cool looking. If he gets his own spin off movie, I would watch that.

  2. Great little post this…I enjoyed it (and the fight too). If it’s true what you say and the little Asian guy is who he is…he’s my new hero 🙂
    I take your point however!

    • Yeah, there’s another video on YouTube where he runs around the whole three minutes and never throws a single punch. I mean, I guess it’s all for fun, so right on. Better than him knocking the crap out of people.

      Rock on, Slapp Shot.

  3. hmm from the beginning you could see how the korean dude has the advantage it was obvious on how he was standing and you can pretty much see his skill the way he just stood his ground taking the hits and then dance around when it becomes boring. it was fixed fight from the beginning the korean guy just wanted to make it look entertaining. i’m sorry for the other guy but he really wasn’t connecting anything he probably just sunk three. but i agree the winning hit was lame to watch and was done slyly. personally i think the korean just got bored and wanted it over with. but what the hell do i know? hahaha have good weekend bill 🙂

    • Hey girl! Yeah, you get the feeling the Korean guy was probably just sort of playing with him. And the American guy tried hard. My friend on Facebook said that this guy sort of challenges people to knock him out and almost never hits back, usually just evading and stuff, but must’ve gotten irritated and so knocked the soldier out. Haha. Poor soldier.

      You have a great weekend too, Miss Kai! Always love hearing from you. : D

      • is he the same guy who spars for 10 bucks? i saw another video of him just blocking and letting his opponent hit him. hahaha if he is that guy the american should get his 10 dollars back 😛 hmm this is interesting if i happen to wander in seoul maybe i’ll look him up as long as he doesn’t hit back 😛 hahaha

      • Yeah, I think that’s the guy. I’ve seen that other video – it’s so boring. You described it perfectly. What a gig, eh? For 10 bucks, you can hit me for three minutes and I’ll run away. Dude must be seriously hard up for cash.

        If you wander into Seoul, I absolutely think you should spar with him and knock him out. You can do it. And if he hits back, I’ll do what we do in my home country of America and shoot him.

  4. Sosolo Djugashvili


    In response to your comments above re the Korean guy running away (to paraphrase), this is actually a pretty tight boxing defence. Look at his feet, look how he avoids the soldiers punches effortlessly with his hands by his side. As a boxer myself, this is very impressive. The objective is to keep moving and not be hit; which he does very well. He is playing with the soldier and gives him plenty of chances. Then, when he’s had enough, he ends the fight at will. An impressive display.

    • Yeah, you’re right. The guy is excellent. I suppose the fight brought out some previously nonexistent feelings of nationalism. Hopefully there’s a video somewhere of an American guy in the USA beating up a Korean using Tae Kwon Do.

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