Fun Share: Korean Television Station Not So Into Interracial Dating


Yesterday when I logged into Facebook, I found that a lot of my friends living in Korea were sharing the same video. Not since the three days when people cared about Joseph Kony has this happened. The video is a short piece that aired (recently, I’m assuming) on Korea’s channel MBC. It is entitled “The Shocking Reality About Relationships with Foreigners” and basically details the horrors a Korean girl can expect by entering into a romantic relationship with a white dude. I’m not going to say much else, as I’m sure whatever criticisms I can make, you can make for yourself. I will say that, as a foreigner living in Korea and dating a Korean woman, it was hard for me to find it funny, although I’m sure that in reality the proper reaction is to laugh at it.

So, that’s all for today. Enjoy, and for heaven’s sake, stay away from foreigners!!!



27 thoughts on “Fun Share: Korean Television Station Not So Into Interracial Dating

    • Yeah, Americans are only out for one thing: money and sex! Maybe that’s two things…I’m not sure. I’m a foreinger – I have very little formal education. I do, apparently, have the ability to pick up a girl trying to hail a taxi in the blink of an eye. Amazing!!

  1. Junbi

    I find it aggravating but not particularly threatening or anything. Its just a rehash of the same tired sensationalism. No attempt at balance or even thouhht. Some of those stories are awful if true, but surely no one seriously believes that korean men never pull this stuff ever. Is the one girl trying to imply that learning english is an acceptable criterion for choosing a partner (but sex is not)? And bill, i think its meant to be taken seriously, not as a joke. Either way, i hope we can all just shrug it off. :[

    • Junbi – do I know you? Just curious.

      I think we should kick up a huge stink about it. Every reaction I’ve heard from a Korean person is either, “Oh, it’s not taken seriously” or “If you were Korean, you’d understand that it’s not as bad as you think it is.” I say funk dat! It’s offensive, man. If the US ran a report like this about Mexicans, there would be a huge backlash – and not from Mexicans, from white people who feel embarrassed by things of this nature. Why do people think there’s such nobility in staying silent and keeping cool; it’s garbage and there needs to be a reaction. So, seeing as I have no idea how to protest it, I’ve decided to basically bitch about it endlessly. In the ’60s there were sit ins…I’m having a bitch in.

      • Junbi

        Not in real life, but i have posted comments before.

        You make a strong point. Its patent slander and id love for it to change. The problem is that i dont think we can galvanize ourselves as a group, and even if we did i suspect making an impact would be difficult to say the least. Maybe thats no excuse for inaction, but i think there is something admirable in trying not to care about things you cant change. Bitching about it may show people that they cant walk all over us – theres definitely that. I just feel its more useful to demonstrate good intentions through our actions in our relationships (of all kinds), or at least more concrete than trying to change the minds of swaths of complete strangers.

      • Yeah, you’re right. Good points. Change requires patience, I suppose (or real change at least). I’m angry. And I don’t mean specifically because of this clip, just in general. Angry isn’t good for anything. You are of sound mind, Junbi – thanks for being a voice of reason. : )

  2. Dude, I didn’t know you were HIV-positive and regularly steal rent money from girls. That’s just wrong.

    … and I thought the xenophobia in Singapore was bad!

    • Yeah, what can I say? People told me I need to be more positive and I misunderstood. And the rent stealing…I gave the money to Charity. She works in one of those kissing rooms.

      Good to hear from you, Drew! Peace!

    • Well, and rightfully so! It’s really bad, man. “Victim of a foreigner.” I’ve only heard that phrase used one other time – my father said it right after he bought the Lou Graham solo record.

      That’s a joke. It’s a little obscure and not funny. I’m only here for my own amusement. On another note, you probably decided to use “Stupid Ugly Foreigner” as your blog name in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way. No, man! That’s actually what they call you!

  3. judithsmarkworld

    “…we called because we heard you were a victim of a foreigner.” That’s crazy. Coming from Togo, the same mistrust/adoration/fear is held towards foreigners. And this is mainly due to ignorance.
    I think there are worthless men everywhere you don’t have to be with a foreigner to be with one! And sometimes you will have a bad experience with someone. It is sad that they are trying to discourage interracial dating.

    • Hi Judith! Yeah, you’re right – fear of foreigners and crappy behavior by men is pretty universal. In truth, the older generation of Koreans are probably more scared by interracial couples who are happily together than they are of the ones where someone ends up a “victim.”

  4. Two points: Those “victims of foreigners” only got what they deserved. To clarify, whether the guy is a native or a foreigner, be smart in choosing who to date. A$$holes are everywhere and in every country.

    Second, it’s also worth taking into consideration, despite Korea’s sudden and rapid globalization, the country is still fairly new to opening its doors after it was mercilessly raped by Japan. (You can argue, Korea has not had a good experience with foreigners in the past due to its neighboring countries.) The older generation who lived through that is still alive and prevalent today. In addition, it’s not unlike throwing an amish girl into a club in Lower East Side, NYC. She’d probably make some bad judgment calls, get drunk, and sleep with the guy who buys her a metropolitan. I know, cuz that’s what I did as soon as I left my parents’ house to go to college.

    What I find strange is people who go to foreign countries and complain that they’re being mistreated. I would never stay in any place that judges me based on my appearance or constrains me to a stereoty—oh wait. that’s *everywhere.*

    • Yeah, I suppose the cause or point of the video is to encourage Korean girls to not make those bad decisions…or maybe that’s what the point should’ve been and it gets lost because of its foreigners-are-predators type of stance. But you’re right – encouraging women to make smart decisions is always important.

      I will keep in mind what you said about the metropolitan should I ever run into a beautiful and naive Amish girl in a bar. (Joking!) (I’d get her a Long Island)

      Lastly, your final point is interesting. I guess I should expect to be mistreated. At the same time, I came thinking that I’d be embraced. Not exactly sure why I thought that. Over time, it’s become more and more apparent (to me, at least) just what the general public thinks of me, and it’s been really disappointing. I think (now I’m rambling) a major issue is that I haven’t learned the language. That’s a regret. I think if I was in a country where I would be able to find friendships with some of the people, then maybe I’d feel better about things.

      Anyways, thanks for the thoughtful comments, Lottie!

  5. Wow, what poor journalism. This is a completely biased “news” piece, and should have been thrown to the cutting room floor. There is absolutely nothing wrong with interracial relationships. Luke judithsmarkworld said, you can find a bad man from anywhere. Heck, you can find bad women anywhere too! Not just from America… I’m sure they’re found in Korea too! Ugh, that video disgusts me so much!

    • Hi lady! Yeah, there has been a big response to it from the foreigner community here. There’s now a Facebook group (organize, people!) with over 600 members trying to figure out exactly what to do to protest it. We shall see what happens. The network that ran it has not apologized for it, so maybe if they did that would be a decent way to end things.

  6. that’s not fair and just plain rude! are they trying to get foreigners beat up on the streets? it’s like they’re purposely putting ideas onto people’s heads making all foreigners look like they’re good-for-nothing-sex-crazed-money-thieving-SOBs. it’s funny in a stupid kind of way especially if people really buy this kind of junk but it’s really insulting and i’m not even in korea or a guy!
    (whispers to bill) don’t go out alone and always watch your back 😛

    • Hi Isabella! Personally, this comes along at a rough time because I’ve sort of been involved in two (minor) incidents with Koreans in the last few months, and it just adds fuel to my growing belief that it’s me against Korea. That’s never a good thing.

      On another note, I see that you are an ear again. Awww, it’s just like old times!!!

      • yes, gravatar was having problems with the other photos and keep messing them up with my other blog so i decided being an ear is not so bad 😛 it was a choice between that and being a shoe.

        back to your post, i really hope you’re being careful especially now with your girl and all. just prove them all wrong. wow i’m kinda thinking of you as an ambassador of goodwill lol 🙂

      • I’d rather be an ear than a shoe. Especially if I was an ear with a cool piercing.

        Yeah, in protest (not really the right word here) of the news story, there’s a big picnic for mixed couples set up, where hopefully a lot of happy mixed couples will go and eat and have fun and put a more positive face on things. Fingers crossed that it will happen. Because I care about this issue, and I am hungry.

  7. I’ve actually seen the clip floating around facebook for the past few days as well… >.<'''

    As a Korean American in Seoul, I found that video clip ridiculously insulting… all of those things could've been prevented by both parties involved, but instead of acknowledging that both parties were stupid, the Korean media places the blame on foreigners. I'm sure there are Korean men who steal their girls' rent money, get girls preggers, and spread STDs… there are people like that everywhere… smh

    I really hope that MBC realizes that they need to apologize and settles this matter in a decent way :/ ::sigh::

    • Hey! Thanks for stopping by, Tomoyogirl!

      Yeah, after the initial gut reaction to the video, I think everyone has calmed down and can look at it without getting angry. It’s a poorly made video with a ridiculous agenda. It’s disappointing. But that doesn’t mean Korea will never evolve and will never become more comfortable with the idea of being more multicultural. Heck, I’m here trying to teach English to tiny little kids. I suppose the best thing I can do to change things is just be a good teacher and create a positive image of foreigners for them.

      Anyways, thanks for leaving a comment. Peace! : )

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