What a Shit Day


It’s currently 1:30 in the morning, and I’m back in the PC Love Cafe.  My Internet once again has decided to take a leave of absence, so I’m back in the love cafe writing a quick blog while people play videogames and apparently wank off in some hidden room somewhere.  It’s kind of like an arcade with a porno booth.  You might call that perverse; I call it thinking outside the box.

Today was a massive bummer.  Just massive.  It started on a bad foot when I became an impatient American and stormed out of the gym.  A lot of time has passed since I last graced the gym and all its pleasures, and when I returned today I had to renew my membership.  Fine.  Sign this guy up.  I’m turning a new leaf of physical fitness yet again.  The girl behind the counter spoke only a few words of English; lucky “three month plan” was in her vocabulary and so I handed over my debit card.  The debit card has recently lost its swiping ability, which annoys cashiers everywhere I go.  I love how they sigh in defeat as they punch the numbers in.  Well, this girl at the gym swiped and swiped and swiped, fruitlessly, refusing to give up.  I tried to communicate that she’d have to type the numbers in.  This was a no go.  I was turned away from the gym like the pathetic specimen of depleted muscle tone that I am.  Really, that’s not accurate.  The girl just handed me the card back and I stood there, baffled as to what my next move should be.  I tried to hand her the card back (“Typee, typee the number”) but the girl flipped it over, pointed at the strip on the back, and said “dirty.”  So I was left to stand there with my dirty card, glancing longingly at the stomach crunch machine.  What was I supposed to do?  Magically make money appear?  I chose to snap at her.  “Fine!  I’ll go to another gym!”  And with that I stormed out of the place weak and alone.

I did in fact find another gym, where I stood helplessly at the empty service desk, waiting for an employee to come over and sign me up.  Ten minutes…no dice.  It was an abject gym fail.  In terms of working out, I haven’t failed this badly since the last time I attempted a push up.

Then there was work, where I was supposed to do a demo/open class for some big wig from the education office.  I was sickly prepared.  Forget her socks; I was ready to knock her feet off.  I’d spent my planning period preparing, as opposed to my normal routine of checking blogs on WordPress.  But when the time came, the big wig did not.  She, apparently, had gone to eat lunch instead.  I guess it should have been a relief, but I felt let down.  Viewing my immaculate class could not compare, as it turned out, to the allure of a pork cutlet.

Finally, to cap things off, I was stood up on what was supposed to be my second date with a girl I met.  This is the first time I’ve ever been completely stood up before, and I will tell you that it’s a bummer.  I want to talk about it more indepth, so it will get its own blog soon.  It’s hard to say what a good reason would be, on her part, but I would understand fully if she dissed me to go to the gym or eat a pork cutlet.  Besides, it would’ve been a hassle to pay for the date anyways with my dirty card.

So, there you have it.  Not much of a blog entry…more the words of a bummed out dude in a PC Love Cafe at 2:00 in the morning.  Tomorrow I go on a tour of the DMZ, so that should be fun.  Maybe I’ll invade North Korea and try to start a capatalist revolution.  No one ever does that.  It’s always a communist revolution, so I could be the first to go the other way with the whole revolution thing.  I could be the Che Guevara of capatalism.  One day, North Korea will have Walmart and my face will be on t-shirts sold at Hot Topic. 

It’s a dream, anyways.



21 thoughts on “What a Shit Day

    • Humph. That would mean I need to try and speak Korean in the bank. Sounds like a lot of work.

      I love being called a lamb. It doesn’t happen nearly enough. Thank you, Frankie.

  1. Is this the girl who was late for a date before or a new girl? Yeah, you had a pretty shitty day. Apparently, your body put in the air that it wants to retain it’s flabbiness (I don’t know if you’re flabby or not, duh).

  2. Wth ! Stood up again ? What’s with these women? If I said yes to a date, then I’d go, no matter what. that is just so rude ! It is so easy to say ” sorry “, instead of standing up a person. Is that a culture thing, or what ! In any culture, this behavior is just totally rude. * pats head * Bad day, huh. * hugs *

    • This is technically the first time I was stood up. The other one you’re alluding to was only a vague “let’s meet up this week” and then the meet up never happened. But there was never a time and place chosen, and there was no standing around feeling like a doofus. Actually, I got a frantic phone call at 2:30 AM from the girl, who had apparently gotten home from work exhausted, laid down, and woke up in the middle of the night. She was really upset about blowing me off, so we worked things out. Not really a turn on, but I figure it gives me leeway in screwing up in the future.

  3. Were you stood up or is it just that you got there an hour early and actually left before she showed, 12 minutes late!???

    Whatever – fuckemall, come to NZ and we’ll get horribly rotten together then go cause chaos here. My credit card works fine and I can even scam free drinks in most bars *grins*

    • hahaha – I WAS a bit early and left after waiting 20 minutes post meet up time. The non-responding to texts was key in that decision. No worries – things worked out.

      I seriously will come to NZ. Give a guy some time to finish his stupid contract in Korea.

      • I KNEW IT! *grins* Yeah no replies to text is a bit of a sign .. but glad it worked out! Give me some warning before your trek to en zee k, I may go on a training regime (Tequila for breakfast) to ensure I can keep up my end of the deal 😉

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