Something Stinks in My Bag


Hello!  I’m currently waiting for a boat to take me back to Cebu, which gives me the opportunity to do a quick pop in.  It also gave me the opportunity to address the foul odor coming from my bag.  Ever since my first day here, I noticed that my bag smelled bad.  At first I thought that maybe I had packed some vomit before I left, but after further inspection this proved to be untrue.  Shirts.  Shorts.  Socks.  Check.  No bag of vomit.  I had packed properly.  Still, any time I unzipped the bag, it smelled like I had just opened Jeff Dahmer’s pantry.  I had no choice but to duck into the bathroom and start throwing things away.  I tossed whatever boxer shorts I’ve worn since being here, a pair of sweat pants, and the socks that I’ve worn.  It had to have been one of those things, right?  I’m hopeful that the bag will go back to smelling normal, and, consequently, there is now one horribly stank bathroom in the Philippines.

Ok, that is all.  Peace!!!


15 thoughts on “Something Stinks in My Bag

  1. This post is too funny and too close to home to not leave a comment: For a while there, I thought you brought either salted dried fish, bagoong (fish paste), or patis (fish sauce) from whatever island you came from. Haha!

  2. Quite the predicament isn’t it? Maybe it’s not your belongings, maybe it’s the building? Either air freshener it up! I always feel nervous about my own room, I feel like maybe it doesn’t smell to me, but someone else might feel differently.

  3. And then you’ll find some long forgotten sandwich, most likely involving the efforts of some fish product and gherkins, wrapped lovingly in foil, squashed into a hard compress of its former shape, hiding deep in the recesses of your bag (leading you to believe your bag may be related to a woman’s handbag) and all will be well. Grossed out certainly, but well.

    On another note – whoever next goes into that bathroom will be worried there’s some underdressed man wandering around. Or they’ll take it home and be thankful for free clothes.

  4. if you have dirty clothes put them on a plastic bag and don’t mix them with your clean ones so it won’t stink everything and you won’t have to throw your stuff. (i sound like your mommy 😛 sorry)
    anyways, having dirty clothes means you’ve been busy and being busy means you’re enjoying yourself 🙂

  5. man, this is generally how I felt about your room when we lived together. Something always smelled but we could never figure out what.

    well, there was that one time we found a pan of rotting chicken wings under your bed. they had been there for like…a month.

  6. This is funny: At first I thought that maybe I had packed some vomit before I left.

    And wow you’re in Cebu. I’m from Philippines but I haven’t been to Cebu yet. It’s just too far from Manila, which is where I live in.

    I hope you’ll post something about your Cebu adventure soon

  7. One time, I kept smelling this terrible dog pop smell in my car. It was driving me nuts because I couldn’t figure it out–it wasn’t on my shoes or the floor. But when it continued to smell for days on end and the nastiness increased in odor, I started to check the entire car. Lo and behold, I found a 1/2 gallon of rotted milk that fell and stuck under my car seat. Do you know how hard spoiled milk is to get out of a car??? Thankfully you just have a bag. A stinky bag, none-the-less.

  8. Maybe it’s coming from your nose… Haha. Peace. So… did the the smell stop? I miss Cebu 😦 Hope you’re lovin’ your trip! Welcome to my beloved Philippines! ❤

  9. alphia evans

    Maybe you set it down in dogshit or vomit or some other horribly normal thing they put down on the ground in Cebu, wherever that is.

  10. I find that food particles often accumulate at the bottom of my bags, but these are usually dried and emit no odor. Have you considered the fact that your bag scent may be quite fetching in other cultures?

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