The Myth of Freshly Presyphus – A Big Thanks


It was 6:30 Saturday morning when I finally staggered home.  I had spent the night drinking with my new friend Dom in Hongdae; he had these weird cigarettes that were supposed to change from regular to menthol if you flicked the filter properly.  I kept trying to get them to change but I couldn’t.  I didn’t have the touch.  And since I couldn’t do it, that meant that the only way I could get a similar effect would be if I smoked two cigarettes at the same time, a regular and a menthol, and I alternated drags.

“How stupid,” I thought.  At least I’d gotten a girl’s number.  I figured it wouldn’t amount to anything, but it was good that I’d tried to talk to one (one = a girl).  Exhaustion was setting in.  “I’ll just check my blog stats and go to bed,” I thought.  I logged on the ol’ blog and saw I that I’d gotten a lot of hits.

“I’ll be damned,” I said to myself.  There on the WordPress front page was my post about the ear hoodie.  Beneath the picture of the dude with headphones around his neck was a little box that said, “Follow Fashion.”

Follow Fashion?  I got Freshly Pressed in the category of…fashion?  That made no sense.  I have no right to be commenting on fashion; I can’t even match socks.  I sat back on my bed and just laughed.

It was a great morning.

I had never even read a blog when I started this one.  As I said in a past post, I started my blog for the sole reason of trying to get a girl’s attention.  My plan failed, but I spent the time making it, and it was kind of fun, and my friends were really encouraging, so I figured I’d keep going.  About a month after my first post, a really dumb little story about how there was a lizard in my motel room in Thailand got Freshly Pressed.

“Oh, this is neat,” I told myself.  I was happy.  “This must be something WordPress does when someone starts a new blog.”  There were a bunch of comments, and I read through them.  A lot of them made me laugh.  I responded to maybe five or six, then wrote a blanket “Hey, thanks for the comments” statement.  “Hmm,” I thought, “I wonder how often WordPress does this?”

Well, not very often I would eventually learn.  I would also learn that’s it pretty bad blog etiquette to get comments and not respond to any of them.  A few people stuck with my blog and commented on some of the new posts.  Did I respond to those comments?  Nope.  Did I ever think to, get this, take the time to go on their blogs?  Not for a second.  Don’t get me wrong, I liked that they were reading my entries and making comments – it just didn’t occur to me that they had blogs and I should check them out.  A few months later, the comments stopped completely.  In the month of June, I got a whopping total of 475 hits.  For the month.  I still didn’t know anything about having a blog, but that didn’t seem too good.

I don’t know why, really, but eventually I really started getting into the whole blog thing.  Big time.  Like a brave soul, I ventured off my own blog and began reading others.  I started commenting on them.  Sometimes, the people would comment back.  I also wrote more.  A lot more.  I learned about blog etiquette.  I made changes to my page so it looked better and I made a blog roll.  And as I did this, a little bit of embarrassment crept in:

“Oh my God…” it finally dawned on me.  “I got like 200 comments on my lizard post and didn’t respond to ANY of them.  I didn’t go on anyone else’s blog…I was a complete self-absorbed bloghole!”

At times, I would feel bitter towards WordPress: “It was too soon!  I didn’t understand what to do!  I was like a baseball player who gets called up before he’s ready!  I wasn’t ready!”

I vowed that if I was ever Freshly Pressed again, I would respond to every single comment.  And not just with a “Thanks for stopping by : ).”  No, I would leave a good, thoughtful response.

I especially hoped that my responses would somehow revolve around fashion.

So anyways, my point is that I was really determined to respond to every comment on the “ear hoodie” blog.  I tried my best.  I spent hours replying to them.  My entire weekend went to replying to comments, and still there were a ton that I hadn’t replied to.  They just kept coming and coming.  I felt my anxiety rising.  It wasn’t going how I planned it would.  I went on a few people’s blogs but not everyone’s.  After awhile I conceded.  It wasn’t possible.

Really, it’s tremendous fun getting Freshly Pressed.  I felt like Sissyphus (who is a far more intelligent reference than Persephone), trying to roll the big rock up the hill over and over.  Every time I responded to a comment and went on someone’s blog, another comment popped up in its place.  Except Sissyphus was miserable, and I thought it was pretty groovy.

All that is to say – in my longwinded fashion – thanks to everyone who checked out my blog and decided to stick around.  If I haven’t gotten on your blog and read through, I entirely intend to, just haven’t had time (due in part to writing overlong blog entries like this one).  But I really am incredibly grateful – thanks a ton.  : )

  • Sidenote #1: The breaks in this post were marked with former Lakers superstar Vlade Divac to spruce things up a bit.
  • Sidenote #2: I never got anywhere with the girl who gave me her number.
  • Sidenote #3: Over the past few days, I’ve gotten two followers whose names are so awesome I have to share them – Hooker B Washington and Chicks with Ticks.  Brilliant!

42 thoughts on “The Myth of Freshly Presyphus – A Big Thanks

  1. hahah I must admit, I thought about the whole “freshly pressed” time consuming comment thing when I was watching yours .. I was going to do a blog post called “Freshly Stressed” but yeah, well .. I went out drinking instead 😉

    • Freshly Stressed – LOVE it! You are the quite the wit, Farce. (by the way, you haven’t posted in awhile and I’m getting worried, so get on that!)

      Yeah, the thing is though, like two days after I got FP, that “15 Things White Girls Do On Facebook” got FP (for good reason – it was excellent) and got like 4 times the amount of comments. That poor girl…it’s gonna take her years to reply to all that!

  2. bwahahah yeah that was brilliant I agree! The white girls on fb post, not my comment, that is 😉

    I’m part way thru’ a post but nursing a monumental hangover after embarrassing myself at the company xmas party last night (sigh) ..

    • Yeah, good stuff! I found out that they’re a lot more to having a blog than just writing stuff. It’s kind of a community, support thing. And it’s great. : )

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Alyssin Wunderlund (cool name, too!).

  3. TWICELY PRESSED? *freaking show-off*
    But seriously, a). you deserve it, and b). you deserve it. You do such a good job at commenting too–something I appreciate in a fellow blogger, not to mention one of the main reasons I keep coming back. It’s no fun to talk to yourself. Well, it can be, but just not in the comments section of a blog.

    • Hahaha – Could you imagine doing that? Talking to yourself in the comment section? That would be depressing. Especially if you didn’t approve your own comment.

      Your blog is really well designed and very professional…it looks great and I’m jealous. And it makes me want to bake cookies, which is saying a lot.

      • Holy hell, if I can make a gluten free and vegan cookie look appealing and ignite a desire in you to bake, I *must* be a professional! Thanks for the nice words though–I’m trying real hard to do something with my life so to hear it’s working, shucks, that makes me so happy. Hey, wait a minute, that’s not fair–these comments are for us to compliment you, you trickerer <–a real word I just made up.

  4. I believe you might be living a bloggers dream and not knowing it – well at first anyway. Having just started blogging myself (and being a bit of an Internet Luddite) – I find it overwhelming to the extreme, I mean how do people hold down lives and jobs and STILL get this done – some people even craft cunning little bits of scrapbook and blog about it – who has the time? You have captured so well the insanity of a Blogaholic -Thanks for letting us know that we’re not alone out here. Oh and hahahahahahahaha – 400 and something hits in a month ? That’s bad? – erm…. I better get cracking on some shameless self promotion 😉

    • Haha – I don’t think 475 hits in a month is bad at all for a new blog, but after you get put on the friggin’ homepage…you know what I’m saying. Shameless self promotion is part of the deal, you’re correct. And it is a time consuming hobby. It’s pretty fun though.

      I don’t know about the “blogger’s dream”…I just wanted that chick to call me. So fail on that account. : )

  5. Exodus

    i kinda remember i saw your post about lizard on FP but i wasn’t in the mood to check it out. but i really like your “ear hoodie” post. i didn’t comment on that one ’cause i knew you would be flooded with comments on that one. keep writing, Bill! i think you really rock. your “overlong blog entries” are freakishly hilarious. they always crack me up (and i don’t mean that i’m having fun seeing you getting nowhere with the girl(s) though). : )

    p/s: btw, why don’t you go to Settings/Writing and uncheck the option Convert emoticons like : – ) and : – P to graphics on display so that we can type : ) normally. i don’t mind typing them that way but sometimes i forget.

    • Thanks Lan! I’m very happy you started commenting, because now I know I have someone who will feed me spring rolls in HCMC. Yes! And if you’re ever in Korea, I’ll buy you some kimchi.

      Whoa…ok, Lan, I shall try to do this…I’m very computer stupid so don’t be surprised if I fail.

  6. thanks for your blog and i have learned a lot from it,i realise you have to live comments to every comment on your blog if not all,atleast some good have made my day.

  7. I also had something get FP’ed pretty shortly after starting , and it’s definitely pretty jarring. My big thing was suddenly realizing that my blog looked like crap and was impossible to navigate, then trying to make it more user-friendly fast.

    • Yeah, I actually had someone send me a message – total stranger – saying that my blog looked like shit and I should fix it. It wasn’t offensive at all; it was actually well-thought out and nicely written. Anyways, what I have now is my definition of “fixed” I guess.

      Actually, you were probably the first blog I clicked the “follow” button for. Keep up the hilarious posts, guy!

  8. Bloghole…hahahaha classic. Well, you know you do write well and it takes a certain creativity to write about a lizard in a hotel room and make it sound interesting! I actually came by from the FP page saying I could Follow Fashion on your blog..though I’m sorta glad it’s not all about fashion! haha!

    Keep up the awesome blog posts..long winded or not, it makes for a good read 🙂

  9. I’m so proud of you! Catching up on mythology, huh? Lol. I agree with the whole, it’s a more intelligent reference than Persephone. 🙂
    Anyway, You’ve a point, I’ll make an effort to reply with more thought on the comments page for my readers aside from the standard Thank you for dropping by. 🙂
    Go Lakers! 😀

  10. Dude, I get just as anal about replying to every comment, but it’s hard when it gets freshly pressed. 200 replies? The last one took me hours to deal with.

    Internet famous is fun, but damn it takes a lot of time.

    • You, unlike me (as we’ve discussed), did not get weird hate comments. One guy seriously sounded like he wanted to kill me because of the headphones-around-the-neck bit. Most I approved – including the person who called me a “Christian douche” because I capitalized “God” – but a few had to get the old delete…some touchy people out there, man!

      So, long story short, I’m waiting for Stupid Ugly Foreigner to get melancholy and then, eventually, get hate mail. It’s the thing to do, bro.

      • Yeah, I’ve mostly been low on hate mail. but it seems weird the thing you got hated for. Headphones around your neck: it’s srs business.

        I haven’t written melancholy in a good while, I might have to put something out soon (the sad ones never get FP’ed, though).

      • No, absolutely not. Freshly Pressed is very upbeat. But we’ve both been pressed recently, so it’s not gonna happen again – now is the time to get all depressed on the blog! Strike while the iron is hot!

      • Don’t sweat that, dude. By the way, I just realized yesterday that I don’t actually “follow” your blog, which is weird. I always just click the link on my own website. Anyhow, I’m going to wait until you have 499 and then follow, so I can be number 500. It will be a special moment, I believe.

  11. Aha, great that you got a second chance sir, and it was bound to come as your words really are too good to miss. And now like a good enterprising blogger you’re ticking all the boxes, so not replying to those comments wasn’t too bad as it taught you something eh? Re: your fashion post, I liked it because the accessories you talked about weren’t overly cliche, for the record.
    Keep wording it up, look forward to reading you again.
    Ps- Vlad Divac, always a nice tough, however randomly featured.

    • Thanks, Sally. That was a really nice comment. Especially the compliment about not being cliche – lovely thing to say!

      I thought Vlade Divac’s presence would enhance things. It usually does. The guy is awesome, and totally perfect when it comes to living life. I hear he never even has typos when he comments on blogs. : – D

      Har Har! Love ya, Sally!

  12. 1000yardstare

    This has me wondering if it is proper to post comments on random blogs I find without having one myself, and not check back to see if that person has replied. I always feel a bit of anxiety about whether I should tick mark the little box too. There is, however, a brief joy when there is a reply in the comments section. It kinda cancels out the dirty feeling of being mostly a lurker.

    • Firstly, you should start your own blog! Why not? It’s fun. Secondly, random comments are awesome. I will sound like a total blog dork for a second, but I love when I get a pending comment because it means someone who’s never written anything before just wrote something. If I see “1 Comment Pending” I go “Yes!” in my head. Not out loud – that would be taking it too far.

      Thanks for the comment, you dirty lurker!

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