133 Lbs? I Give Up!


Heated floors are neat unless you’re sleeping on one.  In Korea, apartments aren’t heated by warm air blown in through heating vents, but instead by hot water pipes under the floor.   I mention this to warn anyone who foolishly turns the heat up and then thinks sleeping on the floor is going to be anything less than painful.  I was at a friend’s apartment, and she did this to me, either by accident or purposely – I’m not sure how good of friends we are.  I felt like an egg or a corn on the cob, or a hot dog, or spaghetti, or something else that gets boiled (see, the joke is that I felt like I was being boiled, so I was naming a bunch of…oh, you got it, it just wasn’t funny…okay let’s move on).  These people in Korea really emphasize the floor a lot – you can’t wear your shoes and walk on the floor, the floor is heated, you sit on the floor to eat…in America, we dislike the floor so much we cover it.

In the morning, after my brutal torture sleep, I realized my friend, C-Batz, had a scale, and since I’ve been trying to gain weight lately, I thought I’d step up on it.  For the past three weeks, I had been drinking two Mass XXX shakes a day and had been trying to eat…how many meals does a normal person eat in a day?…one or two…I was trying to eat three!  On top of that, I’d been going to the gym and working out.  As of last week, my arms had nice little muscles on them, like a girl who is moderately strong.

So I stepped up on the scale and it read an abysmal 133 lbs.  Therefore, I am temporarily quitting this whole gym/weight gain business.  It’s impossible.  Imagine if you were trying really hard to grow horns and then you realized one day, “Shit, humans CAN’T grow horns!”  You would give up, I would imagine.  I feel that’s a fairly good analogy for my current situation.  So, I am giving up; maybe next week I’ll change my mind.

It’s getting a little chilly in my apartment now, so I’m going to go blast the floor.



24 thoughts on “133 Lbs? I Give Up!

  1. Hahaha, on the subject of heated floors: When I first moved to England I was so cold all the time that when it got to the point where I’d be a bit tearful and pathetic I’d stomp across town with my poor bloodless toes and go into a posh gym with heated floors. I’d just sit there in a cubicle warming my feet up, then slouch out again with that ‘yeah, that workout was totally intense’ look on my face. Back on the poor side of town, because we were so poverty stricken our house was all shabby and falling down. There were these cool squeaky floorboards that were all warm and soft and bouncy in the kitchen so we used to like jumping on them. Bear in mind we were students, and therefore high, and stupid… Turns out that was where all the water pipes ran through our house. There’s a moral in there somewhere.

    • Nice! Three years of Seoul could be exhausting, I might think. I’ve been in Korea about a year and a half now – don’t think I’ll be able to do another year after this one. Anyways, thanks a ton for the comment! : )

  2. therealshard

    Heya! I like how you write 😀 btw if you’re really interested in gaining muscle, head over to musclehack.com and read everything there. Once you have the knowledge and the workplan, start and never stop. You’ll surely see results, however slowly, as I did. Just have faith in your training!

    • No, I’m not lucky! Maybe if I was a 20 year old girl I’d think I was lucky. I thought you’re super skinny? Where did I get that idea? Well, maybe you are because of the seaweed. I dunno. I need a burger.

      • Super skinny ? No, not really. I don’t like to be super skinny. Ah, you got the idea from my post where I said I had to model dresses at my workplace, BCBG. For some reason, I’m size zero, lol.

        I buy the dry seaweed from a Korean grocery in my neighborhood.

      • Harjit Malhi

        This is a picture of a Sikh who was one of the earliest and great Martyrs to the Sikh faith. His name is Bhai Dayala ji and he was put into a big cauldron full of water which was later heated to the boiling point. This happened around 1675 on account of his refusal to barter his faith.

        This took place in India.

        I didn’t expect you to know all this but just because you used the picture, I thought you should. :))

        Nice post By the way.

  3. Honestly, I read this post because I was attracted to the picture (boiled) here and I was wondering what have you written that will go with it. That picture depicts a historical event from the religion I follow that happened in 1675. Nonetheless great post.

    • Yes, Harjit Malhi brought this up recently! I really put about three seconds into putting the pictures into this post; the first paragraph has a stupid joke about being boiled so I typed “man being boiled alive” into Google and took the first pic that popped up. No idea what it was. I am now aware it is Bhai Dayala Ji, from India. And yes, the post has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with him.

      So, I’ll keep the pic there cause it’s odd and I like that there’s learning happening on the comment section of my blog. Haha. Sorry about the let down!

  4. I know right? (~,~) That was nasty. I shouldn’t have said that. They’re the source of my livelihood. I just didn’t want her to purchase something she’d be sorry for when she got home.

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